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Speech therapy

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Jodiesmum Mon 06-Jun-05 20:26:36

Has anyone had experience of this -good or bad? I've been told DD2 definitely needs it but she's only two and 2 months which seems really early to be deciding there's a problem. Part of me thinks we should wait a while and see how she gets on, part of me thinks we should be pushing for it ASAP. Would be great to hear what it's like from someone who's done it and in particular, whether it's enjoyable for the child, in which case we;d have nothing to lose

roisin Mon 06-Jun-05 20:33:52

What are your dd2's difficulties?

DS1's speech was first queried age 2, finally saw SALT for the first time at age 3. But didn't get regular SALT or a therapist who he would co-operate with until he was 5. Then had weekly therapy, loved it, and made fantastic progress.


Any more questions, do ask.

kid Mon 06-Jun-05 20:57:26

there is usually a long waiting list (depends where you live) and an assessment would be done to see if your child needs SALT. They play games which helps with making certain sounds so it is always fun for the child. The sessions are usually only for about half an hour so not too intense either.

IMO, its best to join the waiting list, by the time your DD reaches the top, she may have developed alot of speech already and no longer need any SALT.

coppertop Mon 06-Jun-05 20:59:52

My ds1 had speech therapy from the age of 3 but had been referred at 2yrs. My ds2 (2.4yrs) has been having speech therapy for about 3 months or so. Both boys really enjoy(ed) it. Each session (to them) was just 45 minutes of playing games and looking at new toys. There is nothing formal about it. Before I went I used to think speech therapy was someone standing there saying "Now repeat after" It's nothing like that at all.

Sax Mon 06-Jun-05 21:10:34

My ds1 was referred cos he only had 5 words at 2yrs. Yes, as someone else said there are usually huge waiting lists so don't hesitate, get your name down and you'll still have to wait a while. It is good for your dd2 to be monitored becasue if she develops and doesn't need it she can be crossed off but if she does she's in the system nice and early.
They are fun sessions for them, as others say, playing games, my ds1 loved them.

bigdonna Mon 06-Jun-05 21:41:22

i went to my hv when dd was just turned 3.i thought because i was a late talker she took after me!.we got to see a salt about 6 weeks later .she said to do a programme from home my dd loved playing the games they gave us.and her speech came on really well.then we joined a salt group for 5 kids this lasted 6 weeks she enjoyed this too.She is now 6 she does not go anymore.

jenkins88 Mon 06-Jun-05 22:46:36

We were advised to put our DS's name down for SALT when he was 2 yr 1 m. Our hv said she didn't think his speach was bad enough for therapy and to wait and see how he developed. I really wish I hadn't listened because he is now 3 yr 5 m and he has (imo) quite severe speach and language delays. He has now been refered for SALT but we are facing a wait of at least 4 months, and that is just for an initial assessment. Apparantly it isn't unusual to wait 6 months for an initial assessment and then a further 6 months before therapy actually begins. I don't know how delayed your DD is or how she will progress in the next year or so, but unfortunately my DS hardly progressed at all. The person who made the referal this time was a specialist SALT and she said his speach and language was closer to the level of a 2 yr old.

If I were you I would definetly take this opportunity to get DD on the waiting list. Even if she doesn't end up needing it, you won't have lost anything, and if she does need it, then the chances are (considering waiting lists) that she will be a little older (and ready for it) when the appointment comes through.

coppertop Tue 07-Jun-05 10:25:36

I agree with the others about putting your dd2's name on the waiting list now. Ds1 had no words at all at 2yrs and we still had to wait for 6 months to get an assessment and then another 6 months to get actual speech therapy. We were very lucky with ds2 as we guessed very early on that he was probably autistic like his brother. Otherwise he too would still be on a waiting list.

mamadadawahwah Tue 07-Jun-05 17:27:40

My advise is also, do not wait. Put the child's name down asap and make sure you follow up with your health visitor that his/her name is down. contact the assessment clinic and find out the actual date when assessment will take place. I too was told the same thing, that my child was too young, etc. If i lived in the U.S., where the approach is much more vigorous, my child would have had therapy from 18 months, even before.

There is a very laid back attitude here in the U.K. to speech therapy, mostly caused by lack of resources. If you dont fight, you wont get!! dont let anyone tell you your child should wait. The sooner the better and learn all you can so his and your time isnt wasted during the salt.

Jodiesmum Fri 10-Jun-05 13:48:02

Thanks everyone, I'll definitely go ahead and get her on the waiting list - I didn't realise it could all take so long. Really reassuring to know it would probably be fun for her, not something unpleasant.

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