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Mine! No its mine...its mine! its mine

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fordywastaylor Wed 23-Sep-09 19:46:07

Oh god I have zero energy right now, trying to string some words together in this post! We just got DS off to bed, he is 2 1/2 and so demanding. I feel as though I tread on eggshells somedays, cos I know what's going to trigger a tantrum. At the moment everything "is mine" Mostly I let it wash over me, but there are days when you answer back, "no its not yours its mine" I really don't want to argue with a toddler and walk away/move on but its so draining at the moment. That and "I can do it all by myself" He is a very independant and sociable chap, but hard work. We got back on Sat from a weeks holiday in this country and my husband admitted tonight he is glad to be back at work!!! Charming.. Is this all normal behaviour (he is my only child, which also makes me feel inadequate, as other mothers cope admirably with 2 or 3) Do I do right in not engaging in a no win battle with him??????

Rosebud05 Wed 23-Sep-09 22:10:34

My dd is 2.5 and this sounds pretty normal! I tend to do as you do and not get into arguments with her, but go sideways as it were and say things like 'pretty colour, isn't it?' to avoid that 'yes/no' situation. We went to see some friends in the West Country a few weeks ago and she came home saying 'moine' with a Somerset accent! Some days go better than others, but it will pass........

kristatwin Thu 24-Sep-09 17:24:21

I have 2.1 month twins, and that is all they ever say, the other day they were fighting over a scrap of paper, i feel like putting my head in the oven some days and blowing myself up, other days are good, you are not alone, and just think this these are all phrases.

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