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Could this be ADHD !!

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char861 Tue 22-Sep-09 18:59:00

Hey Folks

Its been a really long time since i have posted on here. My ds 4 is havin real behavior problems. He is sooo hyper, cant stand or sit still. talks excessivley. Waiting in a que or going to the shops is a nightmare. I picked him up from the childminder today who said he isnt listening, jumping on the furniture etc. I was embarresed and said sorry. everyone says he is hard work but the nursery said they havent noticed apart from him running alot and often getting hurt. sorry im rambling on. Any advice would be great coz im outta my depth here.


ICANDOTHAT Tue 22-Sep-09 20:59:05

Hi Char. Have you had a look at the list of symptoms etc on the trillion websites about ADHD (probably best to stick to NHS one - the others could scare you witless). Also take a look at these websites: and on 'UK Food Guide' website - has good info about additives to avoid giving kids. I have a ds dx ADHD and have become a bit of an expert in our own little world on reading all ingredients. Avoid Aspartame artificial sweetener (can make some kids v. hyper). Also, what kind of behaviour handling technics do you have? Can give some tips if you need them. Many 4 year old boys behave like your little lad and many do not - they are all so different. they mature at different rates and because of this they don't always understand the consequences of their actions. I would say if his behaviour is seriously affecting your home life and in social situations, then pop him to your GP and they can refer him to a pediatrician who can put your mind at rest either way. Good luck smile

char861 Wed 23-Sep-09 10:09:02

Thank you so much. I am totally struggling. Took him to the shop this morning and he just ran riot, was restless and literally talked all the way round about what he wanted and moaning. most of the time my technique is ignore the bad praise the good and naughty step but it doesnt improve his hyper activity. I read some of the symtoms on which was quite helpfull and i definately would say he has the characteristics. I am so scared to be honest, think my parents think im makin it up as an excuse.

mum2RandR Wed 23-Sep-09 11:41:22

He sounds like my DS when he was that age! He was really hyperactive, used to actually go shopping while he was at nursery because it was such a nightmare to take him.
He is 9 now and while he is certainly still active he seems to be able to control it more.
I still have concerns that he might have ADHD as his last teacher also thought he might have it, but his current teacher doesnt seem to have a problem with him. Shes quite strict and keeps him in line, which is great!
Sorry I cant offer you any real advice, I know how hard work it is to look after a hyperactive child, its very draining and at the end of every day you feel exhausted. I can only say that he might learn to control it a bit like my DS has as he gets older but until then maybe try to avoid doing the shopping with him as much as you can, because it is very stressful. I know thats easier said then done! Hope things get easier for you soon x

ICANDOTHAT Wed 23-Sep-09 16:27:44

Also should mention a life saver with us was the '1-2-3- Magic' behaviour technic. There is lots about it on line and Amazon sell the CD and book - its written by an American Dr who has a son with ADHD. It took a few weeks, but I rarely have to count passed 2 these days smile I bet he's a great little character !

char861 Thu 24-Sep-09 19:22:08

Thanks folks,

I have had the worst day. picked ds from child minder who said he had been fine. as soon as he with me his behaviour is out of control. wont sit in his car seat. he hits scratches and punches me. I dont know wot to do. I sent him to bed and he was out within 10 mins. he also threw a toy car at his bro which resulted in a black eye. I try so hard but its so difficult. i feel terrible but i smacked him tonight. i lost it. wot do i do

jeffily Thu 24-Sep-09 19:55:10

Hi Char
Not sure that I can give you any advice, just didn't want your last post to go unanswered. I really feel for you, it is so hard to care for children like your DS. I am sure that you are feeling bad about smacking him, but try to move on from that now. We all lose it sometimes, try not to beat yourself up about it. My DD is only 6 months, so I have no idea how I will cope when she is driving me mad like that, but trying to get some time to calm down might work. Could you put him in a room and close the door on him to give you time to collect yourself? How old is your DS? I wonder if you have considered talking to your GP? If he does have ADHD then your GP should be able to help you with suggestions of what you can do to help him, and if he has not yet started school then if you do get a diagnosis at least you will know what to advise his childminder/ any future childcarers/school when he starts. I taught a young lad with ADHD for a year and I did find that he responded well to very clear boundaries and consequences when he stepped out of line- but I think that is much easier to do as a teacher than it is a parent! wink

I hope that your house is peaceful now and that you get some rest tonight. Remember that tomorrow is another new day and you can change any pattern you have settled into one day at a time, slowly and gradually.

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