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What is a word???

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WonderBundlesMommy Tue 22-Sep-09 16:47:37

I know that probably sounds like a strange question, but I need to know what a "word" is - by definition of the SALT? I am supposed to report back to her if DS (16m) has acquired any words. I would say that as of yet he has none. But....

We went out with a friend who also has a young DS (11m), who I would say doesn't have any words yet. My friend, however, says that he has about 10. She counts the mama and dada that aren't specifically consistently meaning mommy or daddy; she counts his saying "mmm" when he sees any four-legged animal (thinks this is moo?); she counts his saying "aaa" for any type of window or door...there are quite a few of them. I would not call any of them words.

Now I am wondering if I'm supposed to be reporting to SALT that his very general "sounds" are "words"?

Does anyone know by definition what the SALT considers to be a "word"? Thanks so much....

LIZS Tue 22-Sep-09 16:58:49

I would say a sound or combination of sounds meaningfully associated with a particular activity or object ie moo for a cow, uhoh when something is dropped

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