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my DD's potty mouth

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So my delightful daughter, who is one month off being 3 years old has learnt a lovely new word.

Last week, completely non prompted (ie we dont say it infront of her) said "fuck" as I put her in her car seat - as I sat there looking stunned, she went on to say "I like saying ffffffuck!"

This resulted in me shouting at her, that it was a bad thing to say and it made mummy and daddy very cross. She didnt say it again.

until... tonight, sitting on the sofa, we were watching TV together, she simple started shouting it, over and over again and laughing. blush I am so ashamed

I marched her upstairs and told her if she said it again I would wash her mouth out with soap shock she then had to sit on the step until she stopped laughing and come and say sorry to us both.

DP and I used our best, we are not impressed with you its not funny voices.

We are both mortified.

What do we do????

BoysArrLikeDogs Mon 21-Sep-09 20:57:18

ignore ignore ignore

o btw - she first used it the day after being looked after by my mother hmm I wonder if thats where she heard it in common use whilst DP and I were at work...I did ask my mum, and she turned it round on me saying that she didn't have to look after DD... and if I have a problem with the way she cares for her - to not ask her again.

Knickers0nmahead Mon 21-Sep-09 21:00:16


And dont ask your mother again if that is the attitude she has.

ignoring will work? is this common then?

seeker Mon 21-Sep-09 21:03:09

And PLEASE don't wash her mouth out with soap - it's only a word, she doesn't know what it means. The more you react the more she'll say it, honestly. Ignore Ignore Ignore.

BoysArrLikeDogs Mon 21-Sep-09 21:05:54

yy OP

we are all saying the same thing - ignore unwanted behaviour, it's a useful parenting tool''and wrt the threat - don't threaten and subsequently fail to follow through the threat. Obv you are not going to wash her mouth out with soap - are you?? [hard stare] so a pointless thing to say

3 year olds can be v draining, mucho sympathy

cory Mon 21-Sep-09 21:09:38

why are you mortified?

a 3yo repeated a word that she had heard and could not possibly understand the meaning of

she got a wonderful OTT reaction from you (first staring at her in a stunned way and then shouting)

so of course she did it again

a much better way would have been to have said gently the first time "that's not a very nice word, darling; I don't want you to use that" and then to have changed the subject

instead, you shouted at her that you were cross before she'd even had a chance to know that the word was bad: how fair is that?


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