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Early waking issues (2.4 yo)

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sazzerbear Mon 21-Sep-09 11:51:33

DS is 2.4 years old and has always been a good sleeper. Even though it is really dark in the mornings, recently he has been randomly waking up v early (before 6am) and despite all efforts of bargaining/explaining too early etc, he will not go back to sleep, screaming and hollering (normally not in the best mood). Seems to have coincided with him having fewer and fewer daytime sleeps (one a week currently). I know I am very lucky as he has always slept well but this is driving me nuts - is it just a phase? TIA

sazzerbear Mon 21-Sep-09 12:17:30


thehuntress Mon 21-Sep-09 13:15:48

How much day time sleep is he having?

hillbilly Mon 21-Sep-09 13:26:03

Maybe it is time to phase out daytime naps. You could start by him having one every other day and see how it goes.

You have my sympathies for the early mornings - 6am is quite a luxury in my house, but it's worse if you are used to him sleeping longer.

SoTiredOfTheWheelsOnTheBus Mon 21-Sep-09 13:30:16

we are having the same thing. Same sort of age as well. DS (2 years, nearly 6 months) had been sleeping well - getting himself off to sleep, and sleeping through to 5.30 (still early, I know, but I get up at 5.30, so once he hears me up and about, that's his cue for the day). Over the last couple of weeks he's been funny about going to bed, and has been waking up anytime from 4 am. We've tried wake to sleep a couple of times in the past, but it seems to take nearly a week, and then we only gained a maximum of an extra 30 minutes sleep (and by the time you've set the alarm to get up and rouse them gently, then got yourself back to bed and sleep, that 30 minutes is reduced anyway). We've tried a bunny clock (i.e. 'when bunny is still asleep, you are asleep; when bunny wakes up you can come and find mummy'), but that doesn't really seem to have worked (either he ignores it, or changes the time so that bunny wakes up when he wants). He's cut down on his daytime nap as well over the last couple of months, so it's about an even chance whether or not he'll have a daytime nap.

The last couple of nights we've tried putting him to bed earlier than usual. It was suggested by another mumsnetter that maybe he's too tired - it sounds counterintuitive; if he's tired, why is he waking up so early - but he's been getting to sleep quite quickly, and the last two nights he has been waking a bit later (4.40 yesterday and 5.30 today, compared to 4.00 am for nearly all of last week). We're going to keep going with the earlier bed times, and keep our fingers crossed for later waking times.

sazzerbear Mon 21-Sep-09 15:15:13

Thanks everyone for your replies - ds is averaging one daytime sleep a week at the moment so SoTired you are probably right - overtired! He has started nursery as well so that would explain it to some extent! Will try putting to bed earlier.
Fingers crossed, eh?!

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