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Sleeping and Dummies - wakes in the night again help ! can't find her dummy and cries till I get it

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Chunksmum Mon 21-Sep-09 11:02:29

I know that this is no big deal really. My 6 month old has been a good sleeper from 6 weeks and I've got used to the sleep, now she has started waking in the night. I can't decide if she is hungry or not. I put her dummy back in and she settles again. Then wakes again and sometimes a couple of times, everytime she settles with a dummy. Can any one help am shattered and in bed at 9 every night. I know that I have been lucky so far but please help.

Thank you everyone -

deaconblue Mon 21-Sep-09 11:33:02

go cold turkey on the dummy. Is the only way to be sure if it's the dummy causing the problem. We had exactly the same with dd until she turned 1 and dh insisted we ditched it (I was terrified the nights would be even worse). It only took one long tough night where we stood by the cot and shushed her til she fell asleep without the dummy. 4 months on and she has only woken one night (no exaggeration and that was when she had a nasty cold)
or have you recently started weaning? noticed baby is 6 months. or maybe sore teeth and dummy helps?

Chunksmum Mon 21-Sep-09 11:47:45

Thank you going to give it a go. Started weaning about 3 weeks ago, loves her food but not drinking as much milk as suggested.Do you think she is crying for a feed more than dummy?
thank you for replying

mamagaga Mon 21-Sep-09 12:37:14

It could be teething thats making her wake in the night. My DD started teething quite early and I used to put teething gel (Sugar free)on her dummy at night to cool her gums and comfort her.

sambo2 Mon 21-Sep-09 12:45:46

Hi there,

Aren't dummies a nightmare!!? My LO is 1 and still has them - a bit like starting a diet every Monday, I think I will bin the dummies and then chicken out!!

I think cold turkey is the best bet, but if you decide against it, I have a sleepy tot bunny (if you google it, it should come up!) plus an air flow bumper to keep the dummies in!!

Your LO could be crying for a feed, but to be honest, if she settles with a dummy then she is probably not hungry. If you think she is hungry, you could lift her at about 10.30pm and give a dreamfeed. However, I would steer away from giving a bottle at any other time in the night - my son used to wake between 4.30-5.30 am from 6 months as I was convinced he was hungry...5 months later I was still feeding him and was exhausted. I had created a really bad habit. I stopped giving it to him and after a few early starts with a few tears, I now have a much happier baby who sleeps soundly from 7 - 7.

I would make sure that the food you are giving your LO is calorie rich and has lots of slow burning carbs!! Avocado, banana, porridge etc are great at tea time!

Good luck

MoonTheLoon Mon 21-Sep-09 15:57:07

Cold turkey definately best did it with two. Although I learned my lesson on DS2 and never gave it for night time because of the scenario you just described. Also stopped his at 18months whereas didn't stop DS1 until he was three blush

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