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Newborn son's tongue always out - can you reassure me?

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musicmaiden Mon 21-Sep-09 10:18:47

My son is 3.5 weeks old and since birth spends most of his time with his tongue out. Mostly, when he is calm/sleeping it just rests on his lip but when he is active, crying, windy etc he sticks it way out (and it is long!)

He can put it in sometimes eg yawns, smiles etc, but mostly seems to prefer it out. He is a good and keen BF feeder with a good latch as far as I can tell.

I should add I had to have a CVS while pregnant with him so I know it is not Down's or anything chromosomal.

Must admit I am a bit worried as have not observed this in other babies - can you reassure me?

FlyingMonkey Mon 21-Sep-09 11:10:06

Hi MM, my DS did this in the early months and has now stopped completely (he's 6 months). I can't even remember when he stopped doing this - it must have been a gradual process. If you are still concerned, why not have a word with your HV?

Acinonyx Mon 21-Sep-09 11:10:44

My dd was like this. She stuck her enormous tongue out from birth - she looked like a swamp lizard. People often remarked on it. I have a picture of her at 1 in front of me and her mouth is slightly open and her tongue is resting on her lower lip, so just poking out.

I can't remember when it stopped poking out but it did at some point. If it's very big it can interfere with swallowing, eating or talking (dd was also a voracious nurser) so I was a bit concerned. As long as he is feeding OK I wouldn't worry about it.

pranma Mon 21-Sep-09 18:24:31

My youngest dgs did this for ages it is just reading your post reminded me that at 7 months he doesnt do it anymore.

VerityClinch Mon 21-Sep-09 21:48:31

Mine (11 weeks) has just started doing this - tongue out all the time, sometimes a bit out, sometimes a lot out, sometimes in and out (and in when she's sleeping). It's as if she has just realised she HAS a tongue and is endlessly fascinated by it and what it can do.

But she feeds fine so I don't think there's a problem...

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