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Ds 5 uncharacteristic bad behaviour

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MollieO Mon 21-Sep-09 00:22:15

Ds in year 1. Bit another boy, left a red mark on boy's arm. Ds apologised to boy immediately and was sent to see the head.

I was called by his teacher and I spoke to ds that evening but couldn't find out why he had done what he did. I also emailed the boy's mother to add my apology.

Had a reply saying that I should know that ds pulled this boy's ear at rugby camp this summer and that he was very very upset and hurt. No one mentioned this to me at the time despite getting daily feedback from the coach.

Ds has never behaved like this with anyone else and didn't even retaliate when he was targetted by another boy repeatedly last year (I had a word with the teacher only after ds nearly lost a tooth).

What do I do? I have written to the class teacher to ask her to ensure that ds and the boy he hurt do not sit together in class. They don't play together so the only contact they will have would be in the classroom.

What else should I do? If someone's child had done something to ds that I didn't like I would have mentioned it when we next saw each other (she didn't).

It obviously concerns her and because of that it worries me. Her ds is bigger than my ds and I know that he slammed a door into ds's face at a birthday party the day before the rugby incident (I was told by another parent at the party as I only saw the aftermath). I haven't mentioned it to the boy's mother and I can't see a reason to, although in hindsight it might explain why ds's bad behaviour seems to be directed to this one child.

MollieO Mon 21-Sep-09 08:44:06


MollieO Mon 21-Sep-09 09:53:07

I've posted this in primary education now.

Pitchounette Mon 21-Sep-09 09:53:53

Message withdrawn

MollieO Mon 21-Sep-09 10:05:21

Not sure if there is any pattern of incidents. I wasn't aware of the rugby one at all and she wouldn't be aware of the door slamming incident as she wasn't there. I wrote a very conciliatory note to her and her response has been very forthright. Rightly or wrongly she sees ds as a troublemaker and her son never does anything wrong. I was warned by another parent that she is a bit PFB about her children but the tone of her reply shocked me.

I've also posted this on primary education so probably better to continue any replies there to save duplicate threads. It is headed 'Ds 5 bit another boy'.

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