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How can I teach patience!

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hayleylou Mon 06-Jun-05 07:50:34

I am having real problems with ds who is 2.5yrs. He wants everything right now and keeps saying it over and over again. I have tried asking him to wait and explaining why but it seems to make things worse. Has anyone got any more ideas Sorry abput the spelling!

desperatehousewife Mon 06-Jun-05 07:57:30

I woulnd't mind some paitence teaching for me!

I think patience is something a 2.5 yr old cannot understand - that is the nature of toddlers - want it and want it now. They do not have the power of reasoning or understanding at this age - try not to stress about it too much - mine is nearly 3 and is just beginning to understand that he cant have everything now. Still gets very stroppy though!

suzywong Mon 06-Jun-05 08:02:55

yes, very good point DHW

they only just get it at 4, and the trick is to find some more patience within yourself which is a million times easier said than done

Fran1 Mon 06-Jun-05 08:29:56

My dd is 2.5 and she had a terrible habit of "whining" as you say sh'ed repeat what she wants over and over but her voice would work up to a whine and she'd stamp her feet!

I have calmed this down a bit. when she does it i hold my hand out and say stop stamping your feet and whining - she does - then i say now ask mummy nicely - she does and then i praise her and we get to work on whatever it was she wanted.
I've been doing this a while now and if i she starts to go into a whine, she will often remember half way and stop abruptly and go "mummy please can i .....)

I'm sure its not patience she's learnt, but it certainly stopped the irritating noises that used to get me stressed

Twiglett Mon 06-Jun-05 08:36:01

ha ha ha ha ah hahahah aha hahahahah <manic laughter>

Twiglett Mon 06-Jun-05 08:37:20

Fran have always done that with DS too (as well as using a 'whining step' like a naughty step) .. he's 4 now and I have to say .. it totally works .. I just have to ask him to stop whining or control yourself and he does

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