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sad about 4 yr old ds. Lacks confidence yet loud and obnoxious. Need help please

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memoory Sun 20-Sep-09 11:33:36

DS is 4.7 and has been at school for a couple of weeks. I feel he is a funny mixture in that he lacks confidence socially and will flit around a whole room of activities but never really engage in much or with his peers. Yet, if he has a friend over (these 'friendships' are probably predominantly engineered by me btw!) he wants to boss them around and only wants to play each thing for 2 mins before trying to get them to move on. I am working for a day next week and have suggested he might want to go home with friend A for 45 mins or so until I can get back to collect him. He says no, he wants A to come to our house or he wants me to come too so he probably isn't ready for this yet (no problem). But, I'm worried that he'll never form proper friendships if he's reluctant to join in and if he does he's either verbally (very bossy) or physically aggressive. I feel a failure. What can I do to help him? We have always done loads of activities, play dates etc.

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