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How hyper is your almost 2 year old??

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tryingtobemarypoppins Sat 19-Sep-09 10:33:00

What is normal!??

tryingtobemarypoppins Sat 19-Sep-09 10:53:05


PrincessToadstool Sat 19-Sep-09 10:55:50

DS is 2 next month, I wouldn't call him hyper although he has his moments, he is very energetic though, we could not stay in the house all day...

hannahsaunt Sat 19-Sep-09 10:56:20

Eyes in the back of the head not enough for levels of busy-ness in this house.

tryingtobemarypoppins Sat 19-Sep-09 11:03:11

He sleeps really well 6pm-7am then 10-12. But once he is up he runs everywhere, is into everything! Loves to cuddle others and will often disappear into our bed and will relax in bed with milk and cbebbies! But he is much more busy than his peers.....should I worry?

Boobalinka Sat 19-Sep-09 11:08:15

not at all - as in, don't worry at all!

Bleatblurt Sat 19-Sep-09 11:09:27

My DS is 21 months and is nicknamed Stunt Baby as he is constantly on the go and climbing/running/jumping/throwing himself off various items of furniture. grin

I wouldn't worry - some just like to be on the go all day while others are more relaxed.

hannahsaunt Sat 19-Sep-09 11:17:04

My SIL commented that ds3 (just turned 2) is either asleep or running - some are just very busy children.

meandjoe Sat 19-Sep-09 11:25:17

My ds just turned 2 and is either asleep, drinking his milk on the sofa or else climbing the sofa and any other peice of furniture he can manage to scale up!

He is never still and never wants to just sit, even at meal times grrrr. He was the same even when he was tiny, he just gets bored easy I think!

He sleeps from 7pm - 7am and naps for around 1.5- 2 hours a day. I think kids like this tend to sleep well cos they are exhausted from all the activity.

I wouldn't worry. I don't know any 2 yr olds who just sit still. The more active they are, the more they are exploring and the more they are learning!

tryingtobemarypoppins Sat 19-Sep-09 13:03:06

Thanks 1 and all, nice to hear from you meandjoe! Did you ever go into teaching??

ElenorRigby Sat 19-Sep-09 18:02:55

I was in a 14th century stately home today and asked a guy working there had there ever been any hauntings. Quick as a flash he replied "Only your daughter"
She had been screaming round the place for a half hour!

As for OP's question she is very lively, loud, demanding, fearless, does everything a 90 mph, loves thrills and hardly cries even if she had a bad tumble or shock.
She aint easy forsure bit I love the little scamp to bits. Id describe her as a bruiser in pretty dress.
Oh and her dad was hyper as a child too...

ElenorRigby Sat 19-Sep-09 18:05:17

Meandjoe DD has exactly the same sleeping pattern and sleeps like a log. She has two speeds stop and go wink

tryingtobemarypoppins Sat 19-Sep-09 18:46:26

So its not just boys then!

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