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no walking at 17months !!!!!!

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mamoomin Fri 18-Sep-09 22:09:50

My d wont walk at 17months crys if stood up and has awobbly is this normal !

Fluffypoms Fri 18-Sep-09 22:24:48

How was your dc at reaching other milstones?

MollieO Fri 18-Sep-09 22:26:52

Ds didn't walk until 22 months. His paed said he'd only be concerned if he wasn't walking by 2 years.

mamoomin Fri 18-Sep-09 22:36:33

d did walk once 4 months ago and that is it has been slow at most milestones its just the temp if i try standing d up it's horrible to watch other peoples babys running around and mine sat there

Fluffypoms Fri 18-Sep-09 22:39:57

mamoomin, I know how you feel my DD is 18mo and not yet walking or standing unaided. sad

busybutterfly Fri 18-Sep-09 22:57:08

Just posted this on another thread - DS1 walked at 11 months, DS2 at 1yr but DD 16 months and not walking (cruising and standing but will not walk unaided!)
Is taking her aaaaages and can't take her to the park as she just crawls around eating gravel hmm

cory Sat 19-Sep-09 09:44:02

have a HV check up on hips and general body tone

dd did not walk until very late(19) months; we found out later that she is hypermobile

Scottie22 Sat 19-Sep-09 20:22:59

Would agree with pp to get a check on hips and muscle tone especially if she's not keen at all on standing up. My dd was a late walker at 20 months due to problems with muscle tone and hypermobility. She has physio which can be helpful if any problems.

Hope your lo gets walking soon - I know it's horrible when all the others are walking and your lo isn't sad

simpson Sat 19-Sep-09 21:44:31

my DD now 19mths only walked about a month ago but we have found out she is also hyper mobile especially in her knees and hips and has physio every 10wks.

Would definately get HV to check her over.

DD is now walking but very wobbly especially without shoes and we gets lots of comments about how she should be walking better by now hmm angry

snugglynuggly Sun 27-Sep-09 14:32:16

my dd didnt walk until just before 2nd birthday later diagnosed as hyper flexible ankles, she is now 5 still a bit wobbly with sports, jumping etc but catching up, shoes with lot of support helped

YouNeverCanTell Sun 27-Sep-09 18:49:02

I don't think you should worry. They do develop differently - and normally. DD crawled at 6 months, cruised at 9 months and walked at 11 months. DS1 never crawled (never, rolled over from back to front although adept at rolling from front to back by 4 months), bottom shuffled at 8 months and walked at 15 months. DS2, now nearly 10 months, just sits and looks cute ... shows no signs at all of wanting to move. Who knows why. Get your DD checked as the others have recommended, but I bet there is nothing 'wrong', it's just the way she is. And that's a good lesson for future parenting 'worries'!

LilianGish Sun 27-Sep-09 18:53:19

Both mine were late walkers (22 months and 19 months). Apparently dh comes from a family of late walkers and paediatrician said it often runs in families. (By the way, both are excellent walkers now and dh was a champion sprinter so no advantage to walking early!!)

lovechoc Sun 27-Sep-09 18:57:21

i have a friend who's LO started walking at 22 months so it's not that uncommon.

ilovesprouts Sun 27-Sep-09 18:57:34

my ds2 dint walk untill 2.6 but now hes all over the place he has gdd !!

ElectricElephant Sun 27-Sep-09 20:44:58

one (slightly odd) question - does your DD have a WheelyBug?

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