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Proper important milestone reached - come share my proudness

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GivePeasAChance Thu 17-Sep-09 12:49:03

So, today............................

DS2 reached the light switch and turned the lights on and off.

Never mind the "knows all his letters" and "counting to 1,000,001" milestones......this is a major milestone.

I remember the elation so well when your fingers tips finally click the switch and you are in control !

So proud.

Twinsmommy Thu 17-Sep-09 13:08:15

Roll on the fantastic light shows that will be coming from your house these days! Are you on a flight path? I'm sure DS2 could guide in a few planes at night!!

My twin boys' light-switching milestone came at the same time as the "scaling the safety gate" milestone!!! We had lights on all over the house!!!!

Many Congrats!

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