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Help! Potty Training out of the window now new Baby's arrived!

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TinkyTaylor Wed 16-Sep-09 19:05:25

Just want advice or support really, infact I want to hear how many have had the same issues so I feel better. Have been potty training my 2 year 2 month old DD for 3/4 months now and she was nearly there, dry most days and really getting it. Have recently had a DS (in last few days) and she is back to piddling everywhere, seems to have no bladder control at all. I have found it so stressful that I have put her back in pull ups after only knickers for so long but I just am finding I have enough to deal with right now with a new born and toddler without cleaning up the carpet every 5 minutes.. is this normal? How long do some children regress for? should I just go with the flow and leave it for a couple of months?

louymanse Wed 16-Sep-09 19:30:18

Do not fear, my 2 year 2 month old son regressed the day before his little brother appeared, had been dry for months but as soon as he saw the newborn nappies he took to wearing then like sanitry towels in his bob the builder pants. Gave in and let him wear nappies and he came around soon enough, most people seem not to potty train until older so you're ahead of the curve anyway. I won't go into the fact that he witheld his poo at the same time which took months to sort out...Hope this is ok I'm new to MN so I don't know the way yet. Oh and ps DS1 is nine now and appears unharmed! Oh and ps2 I imagine it's hard work with the two right now but trust me it's worth every second x

smugsy Wed 16-Sep-09 19:41:00

My little girl was the same,pretty much dry in the day until little brother appeared and now she will have atleast one wee on the floor a day!I would say keep the nappies off and try to grit your teeth through it. I have been doing that with my dd and it does seem to be working as she seems to be getting the hang of it again now.

TinkyTaylor Wed 16-Sep-09 19:43:46

He he! These messages have made me laugh and I feel heaps better, thanks girls!!

Triggles Thu 17-Sep-09 14:38:06

I don't know if it was our 3yo that regressed 7 wks ago when I had another baby, or if it was me! grin I think honestly he started having more accidents because he always seemed to need to go (and consequently have help from me to reach the toilet and such)just about the same time I was feeding the baby or in the middle of the baby's bath, and he had to wait a couple minutes. Now we're careful to check and see if he needs to use the potty just BEFORE I feed the baby or give the baby a bath (or anything that is going to be difficult to interrupt quickly), and he is doing much better again.

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