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Face rubbing/touching - 5yr old - advice needed!!

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hoopyloopy2 Wed 16-Sep-09 11:58:20

My 5yr old DS keeps rubbing/wiping his face and it's driving us mad, not to mention making his face sore and chapped around his cheeks and nose (skin was fine before - no previous skin problems either). Pretty sure it's behavioural (doc ruled out any skin or ENT probs) and seems to date back to having a cold a few weeks ago but habit continued. Any advice on how I should handle this? We have been asking him to try to stop and explaining that it is getting sore as a result but it seems to be compulsive. Should I not mention it and hope it stops if I just relax about it?! Can see he is getting worried when he does it as gives me a guilty look. It's driving me mad. Please help!!!

pippel Wed 16-Sep-09 21:02:39

my dd had a scab that she just wouldn't stop picking at and it just kept getting bigger

eventually she just stopped

if he knows hes not meant to be doing it and its making him worried that might be making him do it more iyswim

bloody annoying though! grin

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