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Help!!! screaming, tantrums,whining.....

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Brewster Wed 16-Sep-09 07:19:23

My little guy is not quite 14 months old and OH MY GOODNESS the whining and screeching!!!
I think he is frustrated cos he cant talk to us yet but HELP!!! When will it stop?

what can I do to stop him behaving this way?
It has been almost constant the last week or so.
If I ignore it I feel I will be ignoring him all day.

He is happier when we are out and about at the park or play centres but we cant stay there all day every day...

thrifty Wed 16-Sep-09 07:32:10

oh i hated the toddler stage. The constant need to be out and about, so you have my sympathy. I posted a lot of letters during that period! As the postbox was a nice 1/2 hour round trip at toddler pace :-)
Something that helped us was "something special" on cbeebies, its entertaining for them and also teaches makaton sign language which really helped me understand what ds wanted before if could talk properly.

Brewster Wed 16-Sep-09 07:37:09

I cant let him walk on the pavement or anywhere really - except teh park or somewhere 'safe' as he wont hold my hand and walk along he just run soff in any direction he pleases.

If I am not paying him attention at home he screams - like now for example. God forbid I do something not aimed at him or watching him or playing with him etc....

thrifty Wed 16-Sep-09 07:41:32

oh, have you ruled out all possibilities of illness?
Also they just want to be independant at that age. Get him to help you do the chores (it takes longer) let him push the hoover around. Get him to pass you the washing from the basket while you hang it up. If you have to go shopping, let him pick the apples/ carrots etc.

thrifty Wed 16-Sep-09 07:58:18

oh, i see. Have you tried reins for walking out? It is a pain when they won't stay within a defined area, but it is just a phase, and it will pass eventually!

Brewster Wed 16-Sep-09 08:15:26

I dunno about you thrifty but would your 13.5 month old pass you washing and push ahoover about?
My guy is pretty advanced but I dontthink he will pick up apples while out shopping and nicely pass them to me - maybe grab them off the shelf and throw them on the floor....

have tried reins but unless you go in the direction he wants I end up pulling him over .

he is very determined, very stubborn and would be classed as High Need Baby.

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