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from cot to bed - just a disaster!!

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dezzer Wed 16-Sep-09 01:57:34

My 2.2 year old son used to go to sleep by himself and sleep for 12 hours. How lovely I thought, especially when I was pregnant with my second child.

Since moving him from his cot to his bed - it's a disaster. We have the same food, bath, quiet change and bed routine but as soon as he is in his bed (which he happily runs to) he jumps out when my partner or I leave - and this goes on at least 20 times. Even then he will cry himself to sleep with one of us in there. I tried shuting the door and holding the handle so he couldn't get out but he went mental, it was mean I guess but I am desperate. Also he wakes in the night (early morning between 3.30-5.0am and refuses to go back to bed unless he comes to our bed. Last night I sat there next to him to try and help him sleep for an hour and he went through the roof - complete fit when I left - he is really getting the best of me as he is waking up my 5 month old baby and the neighbours, and noones getting sleep.

I really don't want to go back to sitting in his room for an hour before he can get to sleep. Even when i dio - he just milks the attention and wants more the next night. I am knackered and dread bed time. My partner's going away for a wk next week and I can't cope with the nights and the sleep battles that are going on alone....any advice..or just words of wisdom very much appreciated!!

jabberwocky Wed 16-Sep-09 02:25:19

We kept both boys in the cot until a few months later and it does seem to make a difference. I don't think it's admitting defeat to move him back for a bit. After all, he also has a fairly new sibling disrupting his routine. It might be comforting to him to go back to the cot.

sandcastles Wed 16-Sep-09 04:17:54

Move him back into his cot? Maybe he isn't redy yet?

My dd was 3 before she went into a bed, mainly because we were in the middle of emigrating & I didn't want to move her in amoung all the unsettlement she was already going through (selling home, staying with relatives, leaving UK, staying with relatives etc).

In Australia, in her room she had a cot & a bed. On the second night she asked to sleep in the cot & we never had any of the issues with her & down, in & out of bed etc.

Or spend some time doing gradual withdrawel so he can re-learn how to settle himself to sleep again. Try not to make this time all about punishment & holding doors closed, or he will come to know that new bed = not good times!

sandcastles Wed 16-Sep-09 04:18:54

*On the second night she asked to sleep in the BED

dezzer Wed 16-Sep-09 06:10:42

hmm looks like i'll have to buy another cot - new bubs already moved in on his old one. Sandcastles - we immigrated to Oz at the beginning of the year too. Lots of changes don't help! thanks for your advice.

sandcastles Wed 16-Sep-09 08:21:45

The changes are hard for all, aren't they! I sympathise!

Hope you get it sorted!
Where in Oz are you?

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