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Do you think dd2 is worried about preschool?

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Beauregard Mon 14-Sep-09 21:39:20

She is 3.8 years and has been going to preschool 4 mornings a week for 12 months.She did her 1st full day last wednesday.The other sessions are the same but with her starting school next september we thought it best to get her used to at least being away 1 full day.She seemed to enjoy her 1st full day but the next morning when i was putting her shoes on to go to school she wet herself a bit,which she hasnt done for a long time.When we got to the preschool she was reluctant to go in and wanted me to take her in and stay for a minute or two(never asked till now)
The next morning she wanted me to go in again but they said she was fine when i went to collect her at lunchtime.When i got outside wiht her she became tearful and said she had hurt her head(there was a small mark by her eye)so i took her back but the staff said they werent aware of it.
Last night dd went to bed ok but got up at 10pm and stayed up moaning on/off until 6.30 this morning.
She doesnt go to preschool on a monday morning.
I am pretty sure that she isnt unwell or anything so is it preschool or am i missing something?

littleducks Mon 14-Sep-09 21:44:11

maybe, if she is used to you picking her up at lunchtime and you dont (even though she knows why etc) it may throw her a bit

otherwise she may be getting ill, dd was like this a few days pre chicken pox and croup, i now take wetting herself as a early sign of illness and check we have calpol in

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