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I know all this is 'normal' for an 11 yo, but how best to handle?

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fartmeistergeneral Mon 14-Sep-09 17:19:53

DS (11) isn't exactly mugging old ladies, but his behaviour has changed for the worse over the past year or so as follows:

rude to his brother, incessant name-calling
quite rude to us, no name-calling but just big attitude
lazy - SO lazy! - with everything except computer games
quite often mean to his friends
doesn't see the point of working hard at school
no interest in having hobbies - does a couple of musical instruments but has to be harassed before he practices

I know this is all normal and to be expected, but how do you deal with this? Too old for sticker charts?

Also, the computer game thing is driving me mad. They have a certain amount of time on them, but when it's time to come off he goes to his mate's house and plays there. The only way to stop that is to basically ground him for no reason.

Bit trivial I know, but sure others have experienced same thing, just looking for a bit of guidance. Thanks.

fartmeistergeneral Mon 14-Sep-09 20:14:02


devientenigma Mon 14-Sep-09 20:50:15

We done a contract for our dd to sign. She has £10 pocket money and £10 mobile top up per month, however this can easily go down. She gets docked for different stuff e.g not brushing teeth, not keeping her room decent etc. Fair enough its only 10p here and there but she loves money.
Just work out what motivates him without a fall back plan on his behalf such as what he does with the computer. Then use it. HTH.

mumeeee Mon 14-Sep-09 22:01:16

Actualy 11 might not be to old for sticker charts, When DD3 was in year 7 they had a sticker reward system, The children got stickers for a variety of reasons including good effort,good behavior and good work. They put the sticker in the back of thier school plaaner. Then when they got a certain amount they could buy stuff at the school shop. They could get differnt items depending on how many stickers they had.

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