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wet accidents at time of change

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hairtwiddler Mon 14-Sep-09 13:51:53

DD is 3.8yrs, and has been fully out of nappies (day and night) since last summer. Lots of change is happening for her just now - I'm 30wks pregnant, DH has had lots of work changes making it unpredictable whether he's home or not during day, I've finished work to start maternity leave, she's stopped going to private nursery 2 days a week and is now going to school nursery every afternoon.

We are now finding just about every other night she wets the bed (we think on waking). She normally witholds (waiting until very last minute to go) but is now waiting too long. She's had loads of wet accident - mostly at home, but a couple at nursery in her first few days.

I never make a fuss or tell her off about an accident, but do seem to be continually asking her if she needs to go. Forcing her usually results in loads of tears so I try gentle reminders but don't force it. She's calm and not upset after accidents - today she weed all over skirt, tights and shoes just outside pre-school and stood camly chatting about it while her heavily pregnant mum attempted to change her in the drizzling rain in the street (who brings spare shoes by the way?????).

She's also having a few bad dreams and has started to really favour her father over me. Won't hold my hand, keeps running to him for cuddles etc etc.

I'm a bit sad about it all, and wondering how best to deal with it.

Any advice gratefully received.

Habbibu Mon 14-Sep-09 17:12:27

Bumping for you, ht! dd is having night accidents too - denied that it had happened this morning, and claimed it was just dribble... Think it's normal, if a PITA.

hairtwiddler Mon 14-Sep-09 18:37:36

Thanks hab. Will bump once more for evening crowd, if anything just for reassurance we're not alone!
Three accidents today, followed by a big fuss and a star for going all by herself to the loo before dinner.
Then she ate risotto. Never touched it before at home. Swings and roundabouts!

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