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shrieking 5 month old

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chicagomum Fri 03-Jun-05 15:32:47

Help! My 5 month old ds shrieks all the time. Instead of babbling the only noises he makes are extremely loud shrieks and screams, he sort of builds up to them physically ie like its a big effort to get the sound out, its getting a bit embarassing going out as he is so loud, I don't recall my ds doing this is it normal? does anyone else have any experience of this?

bakedpotato Fri 03-Jun-05 15:42:58

Both mine did this (one is doing it as I type, he's beside himself, really yodelling). I think it's 100 pc excitement. I love it. Strangers seem to find it amusing too (as long as we're not anywhere too po-faced)
I take it you're not worried that he's in pain or anything...

chicagomum Fri 03-Jun-05 15:48:46

no i'm sure he's not distressed/in pain as it's not constant and i agree it does appear to be a sort of enthusiam, the thing that concerns me also is that he does it when my attention is on other things, ie when i'm attending to my other child and i'm worried it will become a behavioural issue. Is 5 months too young to understand "no"? I don't want him to become one of these childrenwho justs shouts all the time to get attention, or when he doesn't get his own way

Libb Fri 03-Jun-05 15:54:29

My DS did this for a while, kind of like he had found his range of noises and was going to use them - whether we liked it or not!

He sounded like a terradyctal (SP?) and my childminder still remembers the time she took him to the cinema one half term with all the other children (inc. hers) and he decided Thunderbird wasn't for him . . . the whole cinema had to check out the screeching, she was mortified . . . he doesn't do it all now.

Perhaps it is a boy thing?

hamster Fri 03-Jun-05 16:05:16

My ds started making all sorts of weird noises when he was about that age(like gaaa gaaa and mamamamama and just screaming at the top of his voice), and he is still doing it now and he is almost 10 months old. I have just got to the point where I have to laugh.
Sometimes it's so loud he turns himself red!
It's just their way of saying...look I can make all these noises!
Just be glad you're not one of those mums who has a screaming kicking child......

biglips Fri 03-Jun-05 16:43:54

chicago - mine is doing that lately when she is either excited or when she is playing with her game. i took her out in her new buggy and it faces outward to the public, her old pram was facing towards me and couldnt really see people, but she is loving it and is shrieking at everyone to get their attention - its really funny

what your baba doing is that she is finding her tone of her voice, thats all

i started to say "no" when baba turned 6 months (she is now 8 months) and is very good with it

CarolinaMoon Fri 03-Jun-05 16:49:02

my ds (maybe it is a boy thing...) is 7m and has been doing that for a while. i think he is just trying out his full vocal range rather than communicating anything in particular. i think you just have to not let it bother you - i've even found myself yodelling back at him...

angie0201 Fri 03-Jun-05 20:51:28

My 5 month girl has just started doing this as well, i talk back like answering her and she thinks its so funny and does it more and more think she is just experimenting with sounds!!

beansprout Fri 03-Jun-05 20:55:29

Another baby teradactyl here!! That was at 5 and 6 months. At the moment he just seems to burp in public (a lot).

KathH Sun 05-Jun-05 08:07:41

ds2 is 8 mths and has being doing this for a couple of months. When he does it he looks v.pleased with himself and does it some more - i think it's cos he's realised he can make some noise!

Libb Sun 05-Jun-05 18:43:55

Oi! I want a word with you chicagomum! My DS has started screeching again (a deeper raspier version of the terradyctal - still can't spell it) in the last couple of days - and I blame you for starting this thread. So there.

Except I don't really. He is just barmy.

bunny2 Sun 05-Jun-05 21:16:48

My dd (6months) does this too. I love the looks we get in the supermarket (it sounds like she is being strangled).

chicagomum Sun 05-Jun-05 21:53:05


L'm glad it's not just mu ds that does it but I wish it wasn't so damn loud. Yesterday during feeding him he screeched between every single mouthful, the trouble is my 3 year ols dd joins in and the end result is quite deafening

NannyJo Mon 06-Jun-05 18:49:22

mine does it too, very loudly!! He's just recently discovered it and is very pleased with himself.
Of course we laughed when he did it, BIG mistake.

nell12 Mon 06-Jun-05 21:07:50

We re-named our dd (7m) "The fish wife" because of all her screeching! Her favourite noise now is a guttoral growl that makes her sound possessed. We are just waiting for her head to start spinning...! What happened to my dainty little girl??!

LeahE Mon 06-Jun-05 21:25:59

My ds (4.5 months) does this too -- I think just because he can. He soes still babble and coo but the shrieking is definitely his favourite. One of his new tricks is to grab my hair, pull my head down so my ear is next to his mouth and then shriek.

Ronniebaby Tue 07-Jun-05 21:55:33

chicagomum - tee hee, I had to walk around Asda, Matalan, Next, Mothercare today with DS2 shrieking & screaming, everyone was all, ah, oh how lovely and smiling, whilst I was there, telling him to keep quiet etc.

moonshine Tue 07-Jun-05 21:58:06

My ds is 1 on Friday and he is still a shrieker. Still, it can clear a path on any pavement/in Tesco's aisles.

Does it ever ever stop??

virgofox Wed 08-Jun-05 00:33:23

My 4mth old does it too. Really loudly he has realized that if he opens his mouth he can make noise, it can be quite annoying especially as his favourite time to scream at the top of his tiny voice is usually around 5.30am. Hes my first so i'm actually enjoying. Secretly!!

CVM Wed 08-Jun-05 20:15:13

My 5mths old boy does not exactly shout put blow very loud raspberry's. The supermarket, the library, anywhere where there are lots of people. Embrassing but funny!!!!!

CVM Wed 08-Jun-05 20:16:40

My 5mth old boy does not exactly shout but blows very loud raspberry's. The supermarket, the library, anywhere where there are lots of people. Embrassing but funny!!!!!

Womama1 Tue 14-Mar-17 20:31:07

Baby Freya has started squealing at 5 months, it started yesterday and having found her voice she just hasn't stopped at all today. Did anyone find a way of stopping or limiting the behavior? I'm worried about my neighbor having to listen to it too!

WinkyisbackontheButterBeer Tue 14-Mar-17 20:42:01

My five month old dd does it too. We call her the velociraptor oddly enough.
She makes a really high pitched "geeeee" sound to express her displeasure too. It's not crying. She is quite clearly telling us off. Little madam.

Womama1 Wed 15-Mar-17 17:42:20

It's so high pitched! I'm sure sometimes when she does it only dogs can hear her, the other 96% of the time, we can hear very loudly!!

Wiggles9408 Thu 05-Oct-17 08:36:40

My dd also does this! She likes to do it to inanimate objects that she picks up, screams at them then puts them in her mouth... I think it's funny throughout the day and I'll wail back at her and we have a giggle at it but then again at 4:00am for the last three days the shrieking isn't so fun!! I think its a boy thing though as she's learnt it from her older cousin who's always, always been a shrieker. They sound like little baby mandrakes (harry potter fans).

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