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Tantrums help advice needed!!!!!16 months old

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up2u Sat 12-Sep-09 14:03:32

I have a little girl who is just starting to have very full on tantrums which sometimes include headbanging,screaming the whole lot.They don't last for very long ever but they are distressing to her and me,it does seem that it is also only me that she wants when she is in this frame of mind.She is wonderfully behaved with everyone else and the day carers sya she doesn't do this there either.I am planning to use a playpen to put her in for time out to show her that this isn't the way however I feel that she is quite advanced for her age and this is why the tantrums are early and i can't help but feel that if she could speak then maybe this would lessen her strees as then she would just say what she wanted.Has anyone had any experience with early starting tantrums (Age).Does this mean they should end quicker??

fidelma Sat 12-Sep-09 22:06:13

DD1 started early and it was a long slog.However I wanted to control them.she couldn't control them.

With My others I was more relaxed and realised that they needed me.Sometimes I would say 'you can stop you don't need to keep crying come and have a hug,it's ok you can stop.I need a hug come and give me a hug, it's ok it's over'lots of love.I then coped better and they usually came round and let me comfort them.If there was behaviour to be delt with we talk about it when everyone is calm.

A different approach but it has worked for me.Good luck.

busybutterfly Sun 13-Sep-09 22:59:55

My DS1 was a head banger, health visitor said it was attention seeking behaviour. So I ignored it and it didn't last too long.
Mentioned it to my MIL and she said "oh, your DH did that as a toddler too!" hmm

MunkyNuts Mon 14-Sep-09 20:49:47

Both my DC were headbangers. They´d have bumps and bruises on their heads but never did any real damage, apparently they know not to do it so as it hurts too much. I ignored them and it became less frequent until they stopped altogether. Awful though, you have my sympathy. I tried putting cushions under their heads and this just made things worse. As for tantrums, DD1 started at 18 months and they diminished drastically around 3yo, I´m still waiting for DS´s to stop (he´s nearly 3). Think you´re right that in when they can express themselves better they don´t resort to such manic behaviour.

cityangel Tue 15-Sep-09 10:04:11

My ds is doing it as default tantrum behaviour at 13 months old and I find it really upsetting Nursery say he hasn't had one tantrum there. He seems to do it at home when he doesn't get what he wants and it very much seems to be through frustration of not being able to communicate what he wants. I try to ignore but its really hard to ignore him potentially hurting himself

Brewster Tue 15-Sep-09 21:41:29

My 13 month old has started with the tantrums and the screaming.

If he could talk I feel he would be less frustrated and be bale to tell me what the problem is...

I have to put up with this till he is 3 ???

I am going insane some days!!

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