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Question for people with more than one child

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PiccadillyCircus Fri 03-Jun-05 11:22:34

I am 25 weeks pregnant with DS2/DD and have been wondering what he/she will be like.

DS(18 months) is basically a contented person - he is happy most of the time, is generally flexible, eats well, sleeps very well and is a sociable boy.

I am preparing myself for his brother or sister to be the complete opposite in all ways but hope I am wrong . What experiences have other people had?

suzywong Fri 03-Jun-05 11:23:52

you are going to get a very very mixed response, the short anwswer is that they are all individuals

Janh Fri 03-Jun-05 11:25:16

suzy is correct!

dinosaur Fri 03-Jun-05 11:26:07

My DS1 and DS2 are very very different in temperament, but they have a lot of interests in common and get on very well together most of the time.

suzywong Fri 03-Jun-05 11:26:57

as per usual jan, as per usual

Pamina3 Fri 03-Jun-05 11:28:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mosschops30 Fri 03-Jun-05 11:33:05

Message withdrawn

Janh Fri 03-Jun-05 11:33:35

oh, didn't I say? oops

Enid Fri 03-Jun-05 11:35:32

mine aren't opposites, they kind of influence each other. Although they do have different temperaments. dd2 was a worse sleeper than dd1 but now they both sleep and eat pretty well. dd2 is less fussy over food than dd1.

MarsLady Fri 03-Jun-05 11:36:04

you gets what you gets........

If I'd had DD2 first then I may not have gone on to have 5. I may have just had the one. She was so full on, and still is. She's gorgeous and lovely and completely different to the first two. I don't think that any of my children are the same. DS1 was so placid and calm, but he never smiled. DD1 was smiley, happy, chatty (changed by the time she was 10, now moody, stroppy, lovely, funny) and the DTs well talk about different personalities and yet so similar in many ways.

Short answer: see my first sentence!

handlemecarefully Fri 03-Jun-05 11:36:05

Can't really add to what Suzy says.

But then maybe there are tendancies between families? My friend's two both were very poor sleepers, both of mine have been good sleepers for instance. Might just be coincidence - I don't know....

Rhubarb Fri 03-Jun-05 11:37:32

dd is very laid back, had no curiousity as a toddler, so we didn't need stair gates, fire-guards or plug thingies. She slept well from 3 months, a bit clingy, but good humoured! She was also a small baby.

ds was a good 2 pounds heavier than dd, he didn't sleep until about 9 months after I'd stopped b/f him and even now we might get woken by him. He is into everything and anything, and our new house is not at all childproof! But he has the same sense of humour!

haven Fri 03-Jun-05 14:53:31

agree with most others. dd was quite, content, never really had to correct. ds on the other hand has been a handful since he decidided to join us. from sicknesses to hardheadedness.

they are different, but that is what makes them each special.

PrettyCandles Fri 03-Jun-05 14:58:26

Oh yes - each one is totally individual. You might want to prepare yourself for the fact that your ds might have a total personality reversal at some point after the baby is born, or even before that. My ds had his first tantrums the week we explained that we were going to have a new baby living with us soon (about 33? weeks pg), and this was after months of preparation. He went on hunger-strike and had about 10 tantrums in 4 days. Mind you, he did go back to his happy, easy-going, precise self afterwards.

Chuffed Fri 03-Jun-05 15:23:55

can i ask if your pregnancies were different ie. easy happy pregnancy = easy happy child or was there no correlation - I'm really curious about this too PicadillyCircus.

KatieinSpain Fri 03-Jun-05 15:31:38

Even though, I knew, on one level, everything everyone else has said, it still didn't stop me being amazed by the difference between my two. With DS1, everything he did was new. Possibly, with DS2 it was his different take on life that was so new.
Like with PrettyCandles, DS1 initial reaction to his brother wasn't the best but it passed really quickly.
IME, two has been even better than one .

bensmum3 Fri 03-Jun-05 19:09:25

I have three, dd, ds and ds, they are all very different, but I also think the way you behave with them influences how they behave, ds2 for instance is much calmer than dd and I'm sure thats because I was a lot more relaxed myself. But having older siblings also means that the little ones have a role model to follow/copy and get up to more than your first would have dreamed of doing.
My only suggestion is enjoy them both for who they are, they grow up so quickly, don't compare them,they are little individuals who will bring you so much , but maybe in different ways

dejags Fri 03-Jun-05 19:14:29

I am not going to help but I'd say the same but different i.e. DS2 is similar to DS1 physically, although he is bigger, he looks like DS1 did, and is meeting his milestones almost to the day that DS1 did. He also has an incredibly high pain threshold like his brother.

From a personality point of view they are very different. DS1 is high maintenance, incredibly loving and wears his heart on his sleeve, while DS2 is easy going, happy to entertain himself and I can already tell he will have a "take it or leave it" attitude towards life.

So as somebody else said - you gets what you gets.

Good luck!

Janh Fri 03-Jun-05 19:23:45

Another thing to consider is the family constellation/birth order. Where a new child comes in the family has an impact on its character and personality, and so do the "roles" already taken - the good one, the naughty one, the clever one etc - I have a brilliant book about this, I can't find it or remember what it's called but it had numerous examples of quite young babies sussing out what was what and apparently modifying their behaviour accordingly.

suedonim Fri 03-Jun-05 19:38:34

I was Smug Mummy with Baby No 1, who was a dream child. What a rude awakening I had with No2!!! I think it's down to character and there's not a lot you can do about that.

Hermione1 Fri 03-Jun-05 19:42:04

I have two kids, 15 months between mine. I was very niave and thought my second would be like my first who was such a good baby and slept well, eat well etc etc, but he was the complete opposite. Things are better now, but he was a very demanding baby and was shocked at how different they both were.

nutcracker Fri 03-Jun-05 19:45:12

Dd1 was/is quite a quiet and reserved little lady.

Dd2 is/was completely opposite, loud and always needing attention.

Ds is a mixture of both

Janh Fri 03-Jun-05 19:46:08

Blimey, nutty, yours are exactly like mine!!!

nell12 Fri 03-Jun-05 20:05:57

ds and dd opposites. but that is a good thing! if they were too alike in temperament I would find myself comparing them. At least I can watch dd grow with no preconceptions about how and when she will develop. However sometimes I do reserve the right to wish that dd was less of a drama queen and more of a quiet soul like her big bro!

tigi Fri 03-Jun-05 20:10:09

ds1 very calm and placid, a lovely child.
ds2 (5 yrs between) very emotional, hyper, chatty, and cuddly- high maintenace- wears me out!
ds3 (2.5 yrs bet ds2 and ds3) like ds1, but stubborn. He is the only one to have had temper tantrums.
ds1 and ds2 premature. Ds2 pregnancy fraught with problems (which I think explains why he is like he is) ds3 pregnancy a dream!

They are just NOW starting to all calm down! phew! I love them all to bits.

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