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Help for dealing with tantrums

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penona Fri 11-Sep-09 15:26:31

My 2.3yr old DS had his first full on back-arching, foot-stamping, screeching tantrum yesterday. I was trying not to laugh as it was quite amusing in its ferocity, given it was just because he was not allowed to ride on the supermarket car thing. (He only spotted it as we were loading the car up).

I have read some stuff about tantrums - ignore, distract, try to avoid - in the Toddler Tamer book, but there was nothing about how to help them manage their emotions more actively. Clearly he was upset, and just escalated very very quickly into total meltdown, but looking back I wonder if I could have helped him manage it better?

Not sure if I am making sense. All these parenting books are useful to help prevent unwanted behaviour, but kids also need to learn what they should do, and I don't know what that would have been!!! Help!

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