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night time training 7 year old

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geelong Thu 10-Sep-09 21:43:47

my 7 year old is stil in nappies at night. we wake him between 10 and 11 to use the toilet and he is dry. by the morning he has a wet nappy. have tried using an alarm but it either doesnt wake him up or he pulls it out. he is on the waiting list to see the school nurse. i feel it is starting to affect his confidence as he is aware that he shouldnt be in nappies. his development is normal otherwise. any advice would be welcome.

DesperateHousewifeToo Thu 10-Sep-09 21:56:49

Have a look at this video

victoriafaye71 Thu 17-Sep-09 14:29:49

my dd saw the school dr when she was 7 as she was wetting bed every night. He gave us a list of golden rules which included no blackcurrant squash, apparently it irritates bladder big time, no drinks an hour before bed. Do a double wee at bedtime - eg one before goes to bed and then go and do another one before go to sleep - we used to read a story and then make her go to loo again. Drink lots and lots of water througout the day. Don't wear pull ups/nappies. They also need to get involved in changing the sheets when they have wet the bed. She was given an alarm which went off when she weed on it but it put the fear of god into her and so we never used it. it went off when she was crying on her bed! She has gradually got better with us taking her to toilet and leaving it later and later. I think it was the early morning wee at about 5 to 6am that caught her out and we thought about setting an alarm clock to wake her up but we havent had to do that yet. She does wake up now and goes to loo herself - she has just turned 8. We never thought we would get there and i was going mad with all the washing - not that she ever knew that. There is also medication that they can give but we didnt fancy that.
i hope this helps -its probably what you already know but i think the best thing we did was get rid of the pull ups even though it meant a lot of changing sheets at unearthly hours!! Good luck

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