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So how do i tackle this? dd7, had a dry night, first one ever, followed by

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scroobiuspirate Wed 09-Sep-09 10:09:51

the next night getting up for a wee. Dry in the morning.
This came about becuase we'd run out of pullups.
The next night she was wet already when i checked, at about 11.00, but then she did get up sometime in the night to go, as I heard her, or she woke me to tell me, can't quite remember!!

Last night she def got up in the night for a wee, but this morniing she was so upset becuase she was soaking. She said 'oh mum I am so sorry i was in a deep sleep'. I assured her it was fine, and that she had done well as she had got up in the night.

Do i just keep going without the pullups !!!???

scroobiuspirate Wed 09-Sep-09 10:15:27


MunkyNuts Wed 09-Sep-09 13:24:26

Oh bless, she´s probably just not used to the change in routine, and used to weeing in her pullups. Praps persevere for a week and see how it goes. If she´s not ready, she´s not ready, altho as she´s managed it before it sounds like she might be. A good trick is to layer sheets with bedmats underneath, so if the top one is wet you can whip it away in the night and there´s a dry one ready underneath so no scrabbling around for clean bedlinen in the night. Also as per Anthony Cohn (consultant paed) try the following; get her to go for 2 wees before she goes to bed, one before she gets ready in pjs and does her teeth and one after. Avoid drink 2 hours before bed, esp cola or caffeinated drinks. If she still wets at night she may be lacking the ADH hormone that suppresses urine production at night, this can be prescribed in drug form and Cohn advises to take it for 3 or so months then have a break for a week and see if the child is still wetting to see if they´re ready or not. Good luck with it all and keep playing it down with no pressure and reassuring her its not a big deal if she wets.

amtooyoungforthis Wed 09-Sep-09 13:41:53

don't go back to pull ups, they can hinder the messages to the brain, subconsiously nappy is on, so safe to wee

Start bladder training, regular drinks throughout the day with regular loo trips. So, on waking wee/large mug water. breakfast. large mug water/wee. arrival at school - water/wee. break/lunch/arrival at home, up to dinner time. After 5-6ish only sips of water to quench thirst (shouldn't be thirsty if well hydrated throughout the day) Wee last thing before bed

No red or fizzy drinks

Bladder training teaches the bladder to hold on for longer and also to hold larger amounts

We used this method to get our disabled daughter dry at age 12. It took 6 months for us but she is physically disabled so we had added problems (like lifting onto loo)

She is now fully dry at night

Please do not go back to pull ups, they add to the problems not help

phlossie Wed 09-Sep-09 14:13:31

How old's your DD? Not that it really matters... My friend decided to dump the pull-ups, and her ds is still a fairly frequent bedwetter, but she can't go back because he now thinks pull-ups are for babies...

So, she follows a similar pattern of easing off the fluid intake before bedtime, and she also gives him a 'lift' - at about 10pm, she picks him up, pops him on the loo and he pees - it usually works. I think some children have weaker bladders and/or are deeper sleepers than others.

phlossie Wed 09-Sep-09 14:14:38

When you say 'DD7', do you mean she's 7yo or that she's your seventh daughter?! Phew!

scroobiuspirate Wed 09-Sep-09 14:52:53

thanks for all your support, no she is 7 yrs old!!

She said, funnily enough that she had to go for 4 wees in school yesterday!

I don't want to go back. So bedmats are the way forward too?

Am a bit fed up of having to do a wash everyday, to wash the layers of sheet/towel/blanket tbh. Have got a mattress protector of course.

These bed matts, you mentioned, i have had a look online and the washable ones are £££££, did you mean disposables (notes to self of non greenness, but pullups aren't either ) blush

MunkyNuts Wed 09-Sep-09 15:19:16

Yep I was being non-green and meant the disposable ones. You could even see if she´d mind lying directly on top of one on the top sheet to avoid sheet washing, altho it might get a bit crumpled and move out of place during the night (praps tape it in place at the sides?!)

scroobiuspirate Wed 09-Sep-09 16:45:49

thanks munkynuts. i popped to the local pharmacy, but they don't stock them. apparently boots do pampers ones. BUT, if any one is interested, these look like a great option, and are very reasonable.

bed pads

MunkyNuts Wed 09-Sep-09 18:00:55

They do look like a good option and far cheaper than Pampers I´m sure. Let us know how you get on.

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Wed 09-Sep-09 18:05:11

DD is exactly the same, she was dry for the same reason, because we run out of nappies! blush.

She had about 2 days of dry, one of wet, 2 of dry, then several of wet. So we put a nappy on her, for her own confidence for a couple of nights, but encouraged her to wake us up for a wee, or use her potty if she woke up. And now she wakes most nights for a wee.

She is often dry, not always though.

I would just remove the whole nappy thing and go with it, but we have a bit of other stuff going on and I don't know if it would unsettle her.

Maybe give her a try with nappies and ask her to get up if she needs to go anyway? See how many dry nappies she can produce?

scroobiuspirate Wed 09-Sep-09 19:06:25

hi, i think i need to ditch the nappies altogether, now she's this old. She is so happy with herself when she doesn go for a wee, and i think it's helping her confidence.

scroobiuspirate Thu 10-Sep-09 18:40:16

how do you ditch the nappies and stay sane!!?

DD soaked thru this morning. Couldn't get any disposable bed mats today, was so tempted top buy a pack of pullups.

tvaerialmagpiebin Thu 10-Sep-09 19:53:30

Afraid I don't have any advicce but Argos do cheap bed mats (designed for puppy training)

scroobiuspirate Thu 10-Sep-09 21:34:32

yes! i saw those, linked from another bed weting thread.

i have just purchased 2 bed mats, they are washable, so she can lie on those instead! I found a deal on ebay.

i do not want to buy ANY more nappies, i am done with nappies!!

scroobiuspirate Fri 11-Sep-09 12:34:51

continuing story of dd's wee!!

I said before bedtime, 'tell your brain to tell your wee, when it's time to go!' which brought a laugh. She woke at 1.00 ish, cried out, i immediately went in and said, maybe you need a wee. Which she did.

Dry this morning!

MunkyNuts Fri 11-Sep-09 16:06:31

Hoooraaay! Well done to your DD and good thinking by you. The brain should wake you if you need a wee, but if you are used to wearing pull ups and going back to sleep when you stir its a tricky pattern to break I guess. It apparently should take 2 hours to wee after a drink so really limit drinks 2 hours prior to bed and try and give her more fluid earlier in the day. Keep up the good work, I bet your DD was really chuffed this morning.

scroobiuspirate Fri 11-Sep-09 19:24:35

thanks munkynuts. much appreciated!

I am going to carry on with this post, even if it's just for my progress record.

I have bought some pampers changing pads today, in the hope they will cut down on the washing. Then I will use the washable ones, when they arrive. I am going to reitterate the brain telling wee thing too!!

scroobiuspirate Sat 12-Sep-09 10:56:23

ok, slept in with me. i covered her sideof bed with towels and a pampers mat.

At about 2.00 i 'heard her' moving about alot and suddenly she strated to wee, i just shook her away and said, 'come on, you can't do that there'.
Poor lamb got a shock! Yet did loads onthe loo.

The pampers mat was useless, and not designed for that amount of wee!! She was then dry this morning.

Jagsy Sat 12-Sep-09 11:27:37

Hi scroobiuspirate. Just to share my method of bribery, my ds who is nearly 5 has just been dry for 3 wks now. We were running out of nappies and had 10 left. so i told ds that a magic fairy comes late at night and leaves a big boy ben 10 pants for boys who dont wee in their nappy (ds obsessed with ben 10) so every morning about 5am (when my dd wakes up) I sneaked into his room and left the pants there so he would find them when he woke up. Did this for 10 days and havent looked back since! As posted above I limit drinks after 6.30 and also he has recently started school so I give him glass of milk after school instead of bedtime. Hope this helps anyone.

Jagsy Sat 12-Sep-09 11:31:52

sorry if i am rambling on but have just joined MN and my first long post so excuse any mistakes

scroobiuspirate Sat 12-Sep-09 18:14:45

yes i am also thinking birbery of some type, glad it's worked for you.

You wonder if bribery or rewards are the ways to go, when you read so much that they can't help it, and that if they are wet they are wet. That it 'will' happen at some point.

my dd is a sensitive soul, and i am not sure wether promising her something, then her not getting it becuase she is wet, is the way to go for us tho.
What would you have done if he hadn't been dry? Would you have just said 'oh well. maybe you will do it next time'?

Am thinking a chart, with a reward after say a certain amount of successes, then they don't ll have to be concurrent iyswim?

Jagsy Sun 13-Sep-09 11:04:02

Yes I understand your concern, if my ds was wet then i would have said something like " the magic fairy has saved all your pants and will deliver them when you dont wet the bed". that would then make him feel that all the ben 10 pants are still reserved for him. I did try this 6 months ago and it didn't work,he just wasn't ready but this time was a different story.

reward charts are a good idea too, i know friend who used it with the end goal being a treat that her dd could choose i.e a day out or a toy etc

scroobiuspirate Sun 13-Sep-09 14:26:49

hi thanks for replying.

i bought some huggies pad mats, yesterday. Thank god, becuase last night she wet the bed.

Do i keep going? Maybe i'll give it a few more nights. arghhhhhhh! maybe she just isn't ready.

scroobiuspirate Mon 14-Sep-09 07:23:52

went to bed quite late, then she woke at 2.10, cos she had a nightmare. came in with me for comfort, but I made sure she went to the loo.

Was dry this morning. So i think i can see that mostof the wee's she has done at night, have been between 1-2 ish. Then dry.

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