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Questions about my 18 month old.

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MammaK Tue 08-Sep-09 22:21:02

My 18 month old DD does not like her hot meals to have any lumps in at all, she tolerates mashed food but things such as pasta that cant be mashed or any meat get spat out dramatically. I hate conflict around our mealtimes so I have always provided her with food she will eat plus a small amount of chopped hot food or steamed veg pieces that I hope she will take too. She is not fussy about taste, just texture and will happily eat sandwiches, biscuits and all manner of snack foods. I have never come across a fruit she wont eat. Its just when food is warm that she becomes a funny bubba! Give her a fish finger and it seems an insult smile
Is this normal for others too? Should I be concerned?
Also, I am new to this so trying to think of Chritmas presents for her that I can get now. She is a smartie-pants and will be 22 months in Dec. Any suggestions? I was looking for a traditional fabric wendy house that isn't rose petal cottage or £220. Think I may have to get the sewing machine and old tent poles out. Any other ideas? What never fails to impress apart from the packaging grin?

Huge thanks

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