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3 month old telly addict?

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Skillbo Mon 07-Sep-09 11:55:27

I am not overly worried by it but just wanted to check that my 3mo DD isn't weird.

We try to do stimulating things during the day such as play on her mat, have a treasure box etc. However, sometimes all she wants is to be held which is fine except she only tolerates it when we're standing up (also not uncommon, I think).

I have therefore taken to putting MTV on so that I can have a dance with her, there's music on and it doesn't turn into me walking around the flat just talking shite at her.

However, when she catches sight of the TV, she is hooked. If I move around, she will crane her neck to watch it. I figure this is because she likes the contrasting colours and shadows etc but just wanted to check that she's not starting a bad habit that will last...

She seems to be particularly fond of the Black Eyed Peas (has good rhythm) and Michael Jackson - but like to think this is because she was played a lot of MJ when she was in the womb xx

WowOoo Mon 07-Sep-09 11:59:48

Turn it off and put some Cd's/radio on instead. Really!

I left my 3yr old son watching TMF and came back and that Eric ? song was on, soft porn ish type vid when they're all in gym gyrating. I died, but he'd hardly noticed and was groovin away grin

The bad habit will last. V hard to wean my 3yr old off too much TV so use it for treats and quiet time now. Don't want to make same mistake with ds2 so we have radio on now.

SatHereSitting Mon 07-Sep-09 12:01:57

I wouldn't worry my 4 month old DS is the same, he cranes his neck when he's on his changing mat to watch tv, and likes to be held on my knee and watch tv also, though I doubt he can see much. He's also a big fan of Girls Aloud and will stop crying if they come on tv, I have no idea why though cos I never really listen to them.

I have tried having the tv off as much as possible as I don't want him becoming dependant on it, but as long as there not sat in front of it for hours I can't see it doing too much harn smile

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