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Why does my toddler seem more badly bahaved than anyone else?

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Clare123 Mon 07-Sep-09 11:39:18

My toddler is so difficult. He is 25 months old and she seems so much harder than the others we knows. He has this really horribly tendency to hit out. Of course every time he does it he does on the step, but after the million times I feel like screaming "what don't you understand?". He is always active - running around and has no fear at all. He jumps off everything. I just feel I am always chasing him - saying no or saying sorry. I keep worrying that this is not "normal". What do you think??

lynniep Mon 07-Sep-09 12:18:50

Really sorry to hear you're having such a hard time sad

I think it sounds normal - he's just at the hyper end of the spectrum - and I hope he just grows out of it.

I have to say that my DS is now 30 months and he has calmed down absoloutely loads since he hit 2. Since he was about 8 months he's always been more active than other kids and I used to despair that I couldnt take my eyes off him for a second/couldnt go for a meal as he'd start to wiggle and create after 5 mins/would dread going anywhere that wasnt fenced in.

He wasnt too bad at hitting but has been through phases of it and also shoving. My friends DS went through a phase of biting which lasted about a month.

Now he is very much on a level with all the other kids his age. He certainly doesnt stand out in his behaviour. I'm so relieved! I'd describe him as outgoing more than abnormally active. Loads of people have commented on how he's calmed down recently and whilst they wouldnt say 'he used be a little b*gger' I know thats what they're thinking wink

I think it might be also because he's not so frustrated now his language has taken of and he can communicate with me much better.
There is hope!

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