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Help! Raging 3 yo with violent impulses starts school this week...

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MunkyNuts Sun 06-Sep-09 16:27:25

My DD (4) started to let up on terrible 2ness around age 3, was hoping DS (nearly 3) would go the same way but if anything he seems to be getting worse. Whether he´s nervous, excited, happy or angry he reacts by grabbing hair and pulling, and scratching our faces. He can yell for hours if he doesn´t get his own way and he gets absolutely furious with us, there´s no appeasing him. He hasn´t responded well to star charts or bribery, he doesn´t like the pressure of praise. On the rare occasion that he´s eating well and I tell him so he then refuses to eat the rest of his dinner. I am most concerned bcos he´s starting school this week (we live in Spain and they start them at 3 here) and I´m so worried about how he´s going to behave, he´ll be nervous and will no doubt start hitting, screaming etc. and end up with no mates. His language skills are relatively limited as he´s learning 2 languages so I know he´s frustrated at not being able to express himself well. Is this a phase? A friend mentioned that boys get a testosterone surge at this age. Has anyone come out the other side with a headstrong, raging 3 yo? Any advice or reassurance please?

Twinsmommy Sun 06-Sep-09 20:34:16

MunkyNuts - I have 3-year old twin boys that start nursery tomorrow. The first born is very headstrong and smacks a lot and is very physical with his brother and I too am a little concerned at how he's going to cope at nursery. Unfortunately, I'm not "out the other side" yet with my two, but I know just how you feel and I'm sure there must be thousands of mothers all feeling the same this evening! My first born is starting with a thick lip tomorrow where he crashed into daddy's knee as he was hurling himself around and bit his lip today!!! Nice!!!!! Best of luck tomorrow!

Pyrocanthus Sun 06-Sep-09 20:55:52

Change of routine/structured environment/being very busy might help break the pattern of headstrong behaviour. School might be just what he needs.

MunkyNuts Sun 06-Sep-09 21:54:10

Twinsmommy I´m sure you´re right and there are a lot of fretting mothers this week. Interesting that your two are so different, just goes to show that there´s no set pattern. Good luck with your two too this week and thanks for reminding me I´m far from alone. Pyrocanthus I hope you´re right altho so far any change in routine has caused DS stress and extreme ranting behaviour. He took a long time to adjust to nursery, but he eventually started to enjoy it (just as he was about to finish!) so hopefully in time he´ll adapt to the routine and discipline of school - if not, I´m in for a lot of fun...

Twinsmommy Sun 06-Sep-09 22:22:01

Thanks MunkyNuts! Nice to chat with you!

MunkyNuts Sun 06-Sep-09 23:15:39

No Twinsmommy thank YOU!

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