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Really feels like DS is having wee/poo "accidents"; on purpose...

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AnybodyHomeMcFly Wed 02-Sep-09 18:04:12

We have been toilet training DS (2.7) for a good couple of months. He is pretty good at nursery and often goes a whole day without any accidents. However when I have him, he will always do a wee when I take him to the toilet but will equally "happily" have an accident without even telling me.

He frequently poos his pants and today when we were out at the park he did a small one in his pants. I took him to the toilet, didn't tell him off but explained that poos live in the loo (again) to which he agreed, we changed his pants and trousers he had a wee and then literally five minutes later he pooed his pants again.

When we got home I really had to make him go for a wee even though he would obviously need one as it had been a long time. He did one in his potty but also weed all over the living room floor while I was out of the room and then when I went to get a cloth to clear that up he deliberately spilled my cup of tea.

I am getting so sick of dealing with sh*tty pants and it really feels like he's doing on purpose to wind me up. There is DD 5mo at home too so I dunno if he's feeling he needs to compete for attention?? None of my friends have had this problem, most kids seem to be potty trained in 4 weeks. AAARGH! Help!

dingdong05 Thu 03-Sep-09 11:26:52

"most kids seem to be potty trained in 4 weeks."
what kids? where? unfortunately they are not all preprogrammed with the appropriate timetables. perhaps he does well at nursery because his friends use the toilets and the staff take him to the loo every 10 minutes "just to check" (they did at my sons nursery)

is it at all possible that you started training a bit too soon? i know the average age is 2.5 but my son was no where ready at that time. they say boys take a bit longer than girls but even so a friend of mine ticked off the "ready" indicators she found in a book but even so it was way too early for her daughter, and she consequentally spent months dealing with the sort of stuff you're dealing with. in fact she took each accident personally too! i really don't think he's "doing it to you" he's just not ready to be potty trained, IMO.

as for what to do...i don't know if it'd be worse putting him back in nappies, but he's not going to be ready until he's ready!

slowreadingprogress Thu 03-Sep-09 11:33:18

I think if it's taken a couple of months and he's still having accidents then he's not ready.

I wouldn't worry about sticking pull ups on him if this was me. It's not a backward step, because he hasn't taken that forward step yet. smile

Try again in a couple of months, I'd say.

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