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cute but embarassing personal comments in public - how do you deal with it?

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fisil Wed 01-Jun-05 09:35:12

Had our first one yesterday. Ds1 and I in Drs waiting room and only one other person in there, a fit, bronzed man in a T-shirt. Ds1 is currently going to monkeynastix classes and has a bit of a crush on the guy that runs them. He constantly talks about him. So in the waiting room ds pipes up "that man looks like the monkey man mummy." and then repeats and repeats. Of course to ds this was the highest complement, so he didn't understand that it wasn't the best thing to say. So how do you deal with this kind of comment?

starlover Wed 01-Jun-05 09:49:45

Not entirely sure.
But have one to add. The little girl I used to look after was on the train with her Mum and there was a man sitting opposite them.
Tabs says (very loudly), "I don't like that man mummy. He's ugly"

gingerbear Wed 01-Jun-05 09:53:08

No idea how to react. I usually blush madly and try and laugh it off.
I remember taking DD to a toilet where there was a huge queue and she piped up in a very clear loud voice, 'Are you doing a poo as well as a wee mummy?'
I have gaffer-taped her mouth ever since.

handlemecarefully Wed 01-Jun-05 09:53:09

Ha ha ha ha

Sorry, but lol it is funny.

Haven't had this situation yet, but I am guessing I would ignore the comment and try distraction (hey, what do you think - shall we buy an ice lolly on the way home. What flavour?), and then later bring it up with wayward offspring and gently explain that it just isn't 'done' to make comments about other people.

huggybear Wed 01-Jun-05 09:56:44

am sorry but this has made me pmsl

on the acvice side im afraid i have no idea! my ds1 likes to point at people spots on buses, it makes me giggle but feel really embarrased too! kids!!!

LeahE Wed 01-Jun-05 10:01:45

In this particular case you could have said "You mean the gym instructor at Monkeynastix?" just so the poor bloke had some idea of context.

But in general I'm not sure there's much you can do...

A friend's DD (tiny, cute, blonde) had attracted a crowd of admirers in the supermarket and then felt moved to announce to them all "I've got a fanny!".

charlie72 Wed 01-Jun-05 10:03:45


I've had many a nightmare experience with my dc's -

to a heavily pregnant lady "why is she so fat???"
to a poor lad at tesco checkout with the remains of acne "he's got dot to dots"
to a large lady at the swimming pool "she's got big knickers"
and to a topless sunbather on holiday "look at her big boobies, they look like jelly!!!"

Why I bother going out of the house whilst they're small I just don't know!!!!!!

fisil Wed 01-Jun-05 10:05:16

leahe - would've been an intelligent response. I guess I didn't think of it because inside I was PMSL like hmc and huggybear!

Love the other ones - especially the fanny!

charlie72 Wed 01-Jun-05 10:05:21

OMG that makes my dc sound awful - maybe I should explain - these comments were around age 2/3 - they're much better behaved now.... honest

handlemecarefully Wed 01-Jun-05 10:34:24


it doesn't make them sound awful at all - just full of cheek and bags of character

Lizzylou Wed 01-Jun-05 10:42:29

PMSL at LeahE's "I've got a fanny!"

I cannot wait for my DS to start with this!

Kidstrack2 Wed 01-Jun-05 11:20:04

My ds and I were on the train last month and at a stop at the golf green a few golfers got on and ds noticed that one of the mens golf bag zip was undone and at the top of his voice he shouts mummy mummy that mans balls are going to fall out. The golfer realised and zipped up his bag and politely smiled at me, needless to say I had a lovely red glow to my face.

ghosty Wed 01-Jun-05 11:31:34

Just laugh it off, if they are small, anyone should realise that little children have no tact.
If your child is older then .... well, I am not sure what you should do ... if you make a point of telling them off then you may embarrass the person even more.
When my friend's little 3 year old first met my husband he said, "You've got Chicken Pops!" .... DH is covered in freckles! My friend was very embarrassed but we did have a laugh about it!
One of the most embarrassing things my DS ever said was about me. I was trying on jeans in a changing room and DS was climbing under the door to keep himself amused. When he came up on my side he knelt up, grabbed my leg and shook me, saying in a very loud voice, "Oooooooh, Mummy, what lovely big fat wobbly thighs!!!!!" He was 4 and a half at the time!
I died. And outside I could hear these sniggers and muffled giggles
I wasn't even that big really, just carrying some excess baby weight
I waited in the changing room until I was sure that the people who had heard had left.

handlemecarefully Wed 01-Jun-05 11:40:48

I love these - please keep them coming

Christie Wed 01-Jun-05 12:34:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

noddyholder Wed 01-Jun-05 12:39:51

When ds was 3 I took him into marks to buy myself a new bra he shouted at the top of his vice look at all those booby dresses!We still call them that now and ds is 11

charliecat Wed 01-Jun-05 12:41:27

We were in the doctors surgery one day when dd was about a year old and she saw this man who had dark short hair and brown eyes sitting across the room...well, she was convinced it was her daddy and just kept saying Daddy...dada...daddy...with glee and looking at me wondering why I wasnt taking her to him..OMG could have died...and I didnt say anything as she was far to young to understand what I was saying and it would have been so obvious I was explaining the fact he did look like daddy to the rest of the waiting room and not her IYKWIM

Iklboo Wed 01-Jun-05 12:41:31

Friends eldest DS is going through a phrase of calling his dad "Uncle Daddy" in public. You can imagine the looks she gets

noddyholder Wed 01-Jun-05 12:41:55

where is my message?

Listmaker Wed 01-Jun-05 12:45:26

When we were on holiday with my parents when dd2 was about 2.5 she was drawing a lady in the sand with my Mum and insisted VERY loudly that the she wanted to draw a 'gina' (short for vagina!!). I just couldn't stop laughing - my poor Mum was a bit embarrassed though!

Then my elder dd (aged 6) knew I'd met my new bf on the internet so asked if I got him from e-Bay!!! He saw the funny side!

northerner Wed 01-Jun-05 12:46:03

I'm having a nightmare with my ds and this type of thing at the moment, examples are:

'Look at that big fat Mummy, look, look, he's like a giant, look Mummy look' And he didn't stop untill I turned round to look!

'Is that a man or a lady?' said about a very masculine looking woman in teh ladies loos

'Why is that lady black' said about checkout lady in ASDA

And 'what's that?' whilst pointing at man with no arms or legs in a wheelchair. The last what was awful and I felt so bad.

Also, he has a habit of fininshing all conversations with nice strangers with 'Bye Bye poo poo face' or 'saucer face'

northerner Wed 01-Jun-05 12:47:33

How many typos - must preview!

Lizzylou Wed 01-Jun-05 12:48:16

PMSL at these.......
How old is your DS Northerner???

northerner Wed 01-Jun-05 12:49:15

He's 3.

charliecat Wed 01-Jun-05 12:49:36

My sister when she was 3ish said loudly to my mum on the bus " That mans smells..doesnt he mum..MuuuuMMMMMMMMM doesnt he smell?" pointing right at him.

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