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3 year old who WILL NOT play with ANY toys....aarrgghh!

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mumofeve Wed 02-Sep-09 12:11:06

I know this is fairly normal 3yo behaviour but it is driving me insane. DD just follows me around like a shadow all day, and despite me trying everything I can think of, she quite often goes a whole day not even looking at a toy. Instead she tends to try to do exactly what I am doing at all times, which I don't mind some of the time, but its very exhausting, especially with DS (5mo) to look after! Any ideas or is it just a phase?????

Fluffypoms Wed 02-Sep-09 12:49:41

MY DD is the same.. Hard when you just want to get on with housework ect.
Is you dd in to crafty things?
Found that my Dd loves drawing/making things.
Helps me when i sit her at the table with prixstic,paper and bits n bobs. she will happily sit and let me get on..maybe worth a try if she enjoys it?

Roomfor2 Wed 02-Sep-09 12:51:36

My DD is 2.6 and loves being involved in my 'jobs' - 'helping' in the kitchen, cleaning etc, and doing little jobs like putting her plates in the cupboard for me, etc. She isn't particularly interested in toys either, except for toys that spark her imagination, like hairdressing or doctors bags, etc, and then I have to play too, to be the model!

But I think it is really healthy, actually, to be more interested in real-life than in toys. I'm really happy that my DD is just as happy playing with leaves and pebbles as she is playing with heaps of flashing and beeping toys.

I would encourage it - I can see how it would be a bit difficult, esp with a baby to look after. Does your DD have little toy versions of kitchen or cleaning stuff so she can 'join in' with you? Might help to keep her from under your feet but still letting her feel like she is helping you.

mumofeve Wed 02-Sep-09 13:10:02

I start off being patient with DD 'helping' me, but she wants to do it ALL the time. And its not really that I only want her to play with her toys, I'd just like her to be doing SOMETHING that doesn't involve me, even if its just for a few minutes now and again. She will do crafts, but only for about 5 minutes. I think I probably just need to try a bit harder to include her. It's just hard when its all the time !!!

Fluffypoms Wed 02-Sep-09 14:10:48

I know its bit of way off yet but do have to entertain them less when their sibling is sitting up and playing. I am thinking what else might entertain her.hmm

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