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When does a child get a watch?

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bibiboo Tue 31-May-05 22:21:11

My cousin turns 5 next week and I have bought her a Barbie Teach the Time watch, but am now wondering if it was a waste. Is she too young for a watch? At what age do they become time aware?
DH tells me some of the children in his class (8yo) can't tell the time and not even ha;f of them wear watches. Should I get her something else instead?

Evesmama Tue 31-May-05 22:24:03

i was thinking of getting dd one(2 years) as many times through the day..she looks at her wrist and says "what time mammy"!!

bibiboo Tue 31-May-05 22:24:53

Aw bless! That's so cute!

morningpaper Tue 31-May-05 22:25:02

Evesmama: My 2 year old often wears her watch - she thinks she is very grown up! It also means I always know what the time is.

Evesmama Tue 31-May-05 22:27:25

aw that settles it
will take her into town at weekend to buy her one

digital or 'clock'?????

bibiboo Tue 31-May-05 22:37:13

They learn "clock" first at school, so I guess that would be the best option

Carla Tue 31-May-05 22:48:22

bibiboo, dd1 is 6, almost 7, and she can tell me exactly when someone's supposed to have turned up, but hasn't. I think that's the perfect age - if I'd had been more concentrated with her I'm sure she would've got there earlier.

Janh Tue 31-May-05 22:51:13

IIRC they start working on time in Reception (4-5) and certainly do a lot in Y1 and Y2 so I would say 5 is a perfectly good age to have a watch.

Most infants probably don't wear a watch at school but it doesn't mean they can't use one the rest of the time and I imagine she will be thrilled with it, bibiboo

bibiboo Wed 01-Jun-05 09:59:06

Thanks, I'll keep it then. Being such a girly girl, I could buy her a Barbie bin bag and she'd be thrilled though!

MarsLady Wed 01-Jun-05 10:06:25

when they can keep it on their wrist and not lose it sixteen billion times like my kids!

jamese Wed 01-Jun-05 10:35:01

I bought a Winney the Poo watch when she was only 16 months old - obviously I don't expect her to be able to tell the time for a few year yet - but she kept playing with DH watch every morning (and it was very expensive), so I bought her own one. She loves it - put it on every morning after got dressed - AND she hasn't played with DH watch since....

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