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Grumpy 16 week old

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LovelyCup0fTea Tue 01-Sep-09 16:20:54

Everyone told me that things would improve when my baby reached 12 weeks - which they did (for about a week) but my baby now seems to be getting grumpier by the minute. Please tell me that I am not the only one with a stroppy baby. I know she's not hungry / in pain / tired etc cos we have a good routine established for feeds / naps etc and she sleeps well at night but she seems to get bored really quickly and once she's gone into a strop even when I calm her down and distract her she ends up being miserable until the next feed / sleep etc.

She also doesn't like being held by anyone but me, and her Dad has to work super hard to get a smile. She is bottle fed and he has done his fair share of feeds, baths etc so I dont understand why she isnt a bit more sociable.

Did anyone here have a grumpy baby that perked up once they could do more?

AnathemaDevice Tue 01-Sep-09 16:57:39

DS was very grumpy at this age, he seemed frustrated with everything and nothing we did cheered him up for very long. He's now 21 weeks and a lovely, smiley boy. He has learnt to entertain himself and will happily sit/lie/roll over without needing constant adult input for ages.
Hang on, it'll only be for a week or two more-I've come to the conclusion that the improving at 12 weeks thing is a big fat lie! More like 18/19 weeks...

LovelyCup0fTea Tue 01-Sep-09 17:03:06

What a relief! I was starting to get worried that she was destined to be a shy moody little girl forever. Oh dear I think maybe I'm as impatient as my daughter! Thank you for the reassurance

meandjoe Wed 02-Sep-09 20:20:30

yep my ds was a dreadful grump til he could walk (sorry probably not what you wanted to hear!)

Good new is he did cheer up a bit once he could crawl but was still very difficult and quite anti social till he walked at 11 months. If anyone tried to hold him or even talk to him he'd turn away or cry.

Gradually got better and better and by the time he could talk he was fab. He's 2 now and is a completely different child who is the biggest extovert and show off I have ever met. He never stops dancing and running about so I am sure she won't always be a grump. There is light at the end of the tunnel. She's probably just clever and frustrated (that's what I tried to tell myself about ds and actually it did help, not sure if it was true though but it helped me be more patient and sympathetic!)

ithinkmydaughterispeppapig Wed 02-Sep-09 21:23:08

Yes, My DS3 was a grump, he has improved greatly recently (10 months). He can now crawl and cruise around the furniture. There was times when he was younger that I actually thought there was something physically wrong with him, it was really stressful but it did pass.

My babasling was my lifesaver when he was at his grumpiest.

LovelyCup0fTea Thu 03-Sep-09 09:54:23

Thank you for the reassurance. I think she does just get bored and frustrated really quickly. My Mum and Dad were over yesterday and played with her constantly all day (only stopping for food and naps) and she was pretty happy all day so I think I need to resign myself to not leaving the room for more than 30 seconds for a few weeks and see if she perks up once she can entertain herself a bit more.

I bought a baby carrier as I thought it might help, but hilariously she hates it and strops every time she goes in it. I will keep reassuring myself she is just developing her personality!

Cheers guys

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