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Bedwetting at night after being dry for ages

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MummyDoIt Tue 01-Sep-09 10:40:19

DS1 is six. He was a very late potty trainer and took a while to be out of night-time nappies but managed it when he turned five and only ever had one or two accidents. In the past three or four months, he's started wetting the bed just about every night.

I've put it down to emotional upset. DH died a year ago and, while the problem didn't start immediately, I suspect it's connected. DS1 has been increasingly upset as the one year anniversary approached.

So far I've handled it by reassuring DS1 that lots of children have this. Changing PJs and sheets as necessary. Frequently, it's only the PJs that are wet anyway and he just changes himself and goes back to bed. We use bedmats at home which help. When we're away, we use a pull-up. He's very self-conscious about it and hates other people knowing so we slip it on discreetly last thing and take it off as soon as he wakes up so no-one else sees it.

With these measures, he doesn't seem too bothered. I'm just wondering, though, how long I leave it before I seek professional help. I thought the phase would last a few weeks but it's been a few months already. Any advice gratefully received.

catrionasmum Tue 01-Sep-09 11:02:42

Hi MummyDoIt
must have been a terrible year for you both, I expect it is linked to the emotional side of things, but how about getting in touch with the school nurse,locally for us they have lots of help and support for this and can access any support your son might need to help him with bereavement. it is extremely common especially in boys to not be dry at night at this age but might be worth getting a bit of advice as he has been dry in the past,its normally suggested that his urine is checked to exclude anything being wrong such as infection but it sounds unlikely.
hope this helps a little
good luck to you both

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