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2 year old talking about people in her room at night. Am getting spooked.

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olivesmum Tue 01-Sep-09 09:22:00

My daughter starting talking about a 'man on the ceiling' in her room a few weeks ago, she would talk about him when we got her in the morning, over breakfast and at bedtime. We never encouraged this as I though it would be just her imagination. Recently she has started to talk about a boy and use his name saying that he had pulled her hair and hurt her arm. We assumed it was someone at nursery but no one with that name. This morning she woke us up shouting that name over and over whilst sitting up in her cot and pointing across the room. She said that he pulled her top. Is this normal behaviour? Can children her age have the imagination to do this? I am not sure what to believe

meandjoe Tue 01-Sep-09 10:50:09

Not sure but if it's their imagination. My ds is 25 months and has recently started talking about a man behind his curtains at night time. I must admit it doesn't really spook me but then he hasn't given him a name or said he's tried to hurt him. I figured it was just his imagination like he also says there are monsters under his bed all because of an episode of pingu he watched that had a monster in it. It's so hard to know what they should or shouldn't watch cos at this age it doesn't take much to freak them out a but. Has she seen anything like what she's describing on tv or anything?? Maybe she's dreaming about something that you're not even aware whe's picked up on?? Not sure but it does sound very detailed to be purely her imagination.

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