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cot climbing - active 7mth old has to climb

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2tired2doanything Mon 31-Aug-09 21:37:16

if my 7mth old dd wakes or is awake when she goes in her cot, her immediate response is to pull herself up using the cot rungs and rock backwards and forwards. She does this as soon as she wakes up (day or night) or is left alone to settle herslef asleep. Usually results in her falling and banging her head or wakes her up sufficiently that she takes long enough to settle back down again.

She can crawl and is pulling herself up on furniture during day.

would a cot bumper solve the climbing? anyone else had this problem - how can i solve it?

sally78 Mon 31-Aug-09 21:56:32

How about these?

MrsMong Tue 01-Sep-09 19:32:58

Snap - same problem. DD 7.5 months has been doing the same for about a week and has now worked out how to do it when she's in her grobag.

Was pretty bad to start with, and took AGES to settle her BUT a week on, and while she still pulls herself up she eventually gives up and lies down and whimpers herself to sleep.

The biggest problem was me getting over my anxiety of her hitting her head on the way down!

I would recommend avoiding bumpers as is your DD is anything like mine, she'll try and use the to stand on and climb out of cot!

2tired2doanything Wed 02-Sep-09 21:22:18

thanks for advice - two days on and she is already a bit stirdier on her feet, grobag seems not to hold her back either. think i'm just going to have to ride this one out and hope the novelty wears off for her soon!!

MrsMong Wed 02-Sep-09 21:46:29

I'm riding it out too... Heard a loud bump at 7am followed by screaming so assume she hit her head falling down! 5 mins later and all was well again.

I'm wondering if I should be taking her out of her gro-bag? Do you think the gro-bag is more likely to make her fall when she's trying to walk round the cot?

What alternatives are there to the gro-bag? She wriggles all night long, so no chance blankets would stay on for more than 2 minutes!

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