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funny looking big toenails

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TracyK Tue 31-May-05 17:00:28

ds big toenails are a funny shape at the top. A bit flat in the middle and jaggy at the edges. I though it was just when he was crawling that they were getting scuffed - but he'd been walking for 5 months almost and they're still funny looking.
anyone else got funny feet? ps shoes are big enough.

fisil Tue 31-May-05 17:36:46

yes, we've all got funny feet. Dp and I have always had problems with our toenails - he doesn't have them on his big toes any more! Both dss have similarly odd big toe nails. Ds1 is 2 and has usually got a bright red big toe on at least one foot. We are constantly going to the shoe shop only to be told he doesn't need new shoes, that they fit him perfectly. Dp and I have always just put up with it - it's just the way we are!

coldtea Tue 31-May-05 17:48:41

TracyK-no help i'm afraid but just to say my dd has this too, people often look & comment on her odd toenails! She's 22 months & i'm hoping they'll correct themselves

tiffini Tue 31-May-05 17:52:46

childrens toe nails are very very soft, it is probably his socks filing them down through friction, it happens with most kids, thats why you rarely have to cut toe nails, but always seem to be cutting finger nails

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