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Pesky Baby!!!

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MrsMong Mon 31-Aug-09 13:31:56

Ok, so another minor-ish problem! DD (8 months) has learnt how to pull herself up to standing, and it's her favourite hobby now. Cue lots of falls, bumps to the head etc, but nothing that's put her off yet!

The only issue is that now when I put her down for a daytime naps she just pulls herself up on her cot bars and stands there. I don't like it much because I'm scared she'll fall and bang her head against the bars, but I do leave her there for a bit.

Everytime I go back in I lie her down, tell her it's sleep time and leave. After a couple of goes of this I just lie her down and leave.

Yesterday it took 45m to get her to have a 30m nap! She ended up getting so tired she was whining and crying and was cuddled to sleep then put in her cot - not a good solution!

Any suggestions?

Ta again

Colonelcupcake Mon 31-Aug-09 13:38:41

I would just leave her (you could pad the bars but if she is a climber she will use the padding as a ladder eventually)

By going back in there you could be stimulating her and keeping her awake, she will soon learn how to drop down to sitting but she needs to practice it hence why i suggest you leave her. Both my boys tended to flop down instead of falling back when their legs got tired

thisisyesterday Mon 31-Aug-09 13:40:01

agree, just leave her, she'll be fine!

Oxymoronic Mon 31-Aug-09 13:41:16

Sounds like you're doing the right thing, you just have to be persistant. Go in, lie her down just saying 'time to sleep' then go straight back out again. Keep doing this and she'll hopefully get the message that she's not going to get any interaction from you and that mmmm she does feel very tired zzzzzz grin It worked for me anyway, just don't give up it may take a little while. Good luck smile

MrsMong Mon 31-Aug-09 14:01:55

Thanks ladies. Just resorted to another "cuddle to sleep" as she was getting hysterical! hmm

IIRC when she first started napping in her cot she needed a few days / weeks of crying herself to sleep until she realised that I wasn't going back in to get her. Sounds like I need to do the same again.....

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