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Slightly concerned - 9mo not pushing down with her legs

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makedoandmend Mon 31-Aug-09 12:18:55

DD has always been a couple of months behind her peers when it comes to most physical development (ie rolling over etc) and it doesn't bother me at all. But I am a bit concerned that she doesn't really push down with her feet yet. If you put her in the bouncer she just hangs there and when I put her on my knees and lift her up she just folds her legs up instead of trying to push with her feet.

Should I be concerned? She's got her 9m check coming up this week (although I think the HV is a loon so not overconfident with her opinion). Also got a paeds appoint at the hospital coming up for her yellow colour (not jaundice) so should I mention it there?

Mamulik Mon 31-Aug-09 14:02:37

may be she is not strong yet, just 9 months, give her some time

wem Mon 31-Aug-09 14:18:59

Is she crawling? DD (10 months) was always keen on pushing up on her feet until she learned to crawl, now she's not interested in standing at all! Much happier crawling around I wouldn't worry at all, but mention it if you want some reassurance

MajorMajor Mon 31-Aug-09 14:35:14

A friend's ds didn't push down on his legs until well past 12 months, he is now 18 months and running around like a little athlete. So I wouldn't worry!

preggersplayspop Mon 31-Aug-09 14:38:31

One of my DS's little friends was similar, she crawled and walked late compared to my DS. Now though she runs like the clappers and walks everywhere (whereas DS wants to be carried or in the buggy most of the time) and you would never know DS started walking much earlier. Its hard not to compare to your friends, but I wouldn't worry about it at 9mo. Give it a little while yet and then if you are still worried I would perhaps discuss with your GP or HV.

makedoandmend Mon 31-Aug-09 15:05:40

Thanks all - she's not crawling (think that's a while off) but I'd never known a baby not push down even a bit so was a bit hmm whether I should be concered or not. I'll go back to being thankful that I don't have to toddler-proof the house for a few more weeks!

wb Mon 31-Aug-09 15:16:36

Probably you have no cause for concern but as you have a pead's appointment already you may as well mention it, ~I think.

makedoandmend Mon 31-Aug-09 18:00:32

Probably will mention it wb - I guess the paed will ask about general development anyway. She's very small so maybe she's just developing the strength (god knows why she's small she's on about four courses at each meal!)

BeautyandtheBreast Tue 01-Sep-09 09:38:53

Has she had her hips checked at previous appointments?
They should have tested for "clicky hips" (ddh) early on. I'd ask them rule that out for you.

brettgirl2 Tue 01-Sep-09 09:49:00

Mum says that me and my brother always refused to put weight on our feet and instead just collapsed. She is completely shock that my 4 1/2 mo does and thinks that's abnormal.

We were late walkers btw me 15 months, brother 18 months but fine in the long run!

makedoandmend Tue 01-Sep-09 16:21:56

I haven't noticed them checking the hips Beauty - will double check at the 9m check.

brettgirl2 - that's interesting as my dh was also a late walker - 17m - so maybe she'll follow that route.

dizzee Wed 02-Sep-09 21:00:49

My 10 month old ds is a bit behind with physical developmental too. He was late to roll and still does not crawl. I was also worried about the lack of taking weight on his feet and the lack of interest in the door bouncer. But when he was 9 months he suddenly started taking weight on his legs and will now happily stand for ages holding on to things and us. He still doesn't cruise, but he really likes standing up and seeing what's going on.

I am constantly worrying about the lack of crawling as every other 10 month old I know can crawl. Until yesterday he couldn't even support his weight on all fours. Then suddenly he could. So now I'm hoping he will one day crawl.

I guess I don't have much useful advice. I've just found that my ds makes sudden jumps in development, usually when I've begun to give up hope.

Jane7 Thu 03-Sep-09 11:03:17

Hi Dizzee - it's me mother of the other lazy-bones ten month old. actually my dd is turning 11 months tomorrow. i took her to the doctor this morning and doctor was bit worried about her inability to stay for long on all fours without collapsing but then when he saw that she was good at standing and taking steps (so long as you hold onto her hands) he thought there wasn't anything to worry about. he told me to come back at 13 months and if she still hasn't progressed to bring her back. just thought that might be reassuring for you, although it sounds like you're having progress with the all four things. i'd like to encourage dd to pull up but since most crawlers do that by going onto their knees, it must be much harder doing it from sitting. have you had any success in that department?
sorry to hijack this post with a comment to one person.

Chaosx3 Sat 05-Sep-09 09:06:19

To make you feel better... my DS2 didn't walk until 23 months, he bum shuffled but to the day he started walking never put weight on his legs (if you tried to stand him up he pulled his legs towards him). Had him checked out by a physio at 18 months to make sure hips were Ok etc.

Now 27 months and you would never know he was such a late walker!

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