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What do you do about shockingly constantly LOUD 3yo?

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thisisnotwhatifancied Mon 31-Aug-09 08:48:01

My 3yo DS is very loud. He is so loud it hurts everyone's ears, and it is almost all the time that he is awake. We are always reminding him to lower his voice etc and he will usually obey for a moment then instantly forgets and gets extremely loud again. He is so loud its painful - we have had his hearing checked and its fine. He loves to sing (beautifully off key) and express himself with very odd noises and I want him to do that and often feel really mean when he is really getting into the swing of it and I interrupt to say "bit quieter please" but honestly its so loud I cant believe my windows havent broken.

When he comes into my room to wake me up he does it with a joyful screech that literally wakes me up with something resembling a heart attack. He bangs cutlery on the table. He is just so loud.

He is also very loving and kind and polite! We were at the park the other day and he was saying to other children "may I come through?" But he has no observance of social stuff really. This is such a problem. His preschool have said its a problem there too.

LadyHooHa Mon 31-Aug-09 08:58:23

Do you have shouty tendencies yourself?

thisisnotwhatifancied Mon 31-Aug-09 09:06:32

no. I do raise my voice occassionally but not all that much at all. It isnt just him shouting though its his speaking. Like, he will say "YES!" at volume 8 instead of "yes" at 4.

Luxmum Mon 31-Aug-09 12:15:50

Hmm, are you sure his hearing is fine? My (highly reccommended) paedio thought DS1's ears were fine. I took him to a special ear-nose-throat Dr who said they were COMPLETELY blocked, and had been for some time. We had gromits inserted and his adenoids out, and it made a HUGE difference to his behavior - no more shouting/scretching, not snoring at night, such a better child. BUT mine wasnt volume loud, all the time, he just was into shouting when frustrated etc.

claw3 Mon 31-Aug-09 12:46:27

Speak to your HV.

deaconblue Mon 31-Aug-09 19:30:30

my 3 yr old ds is very loud too. He is also quite shouty. Weirdly he hates other loud noises (music etc). I think it's yet another phase, has your ds always been loud?

missingthemountains Mon 31-Aug-09 19:45:48

defo get hearing checked. my ds is very loud too - has partial hearing loss.

insist on a proper hearing test at the audiology dept of the hospital in the sound proofed room - the tests that are done in the community are very unreliable

phlossie Mon 31-Aug-09 19:50:00

Mine's very loud too. But maybe I should get his hearing tested? His speech is a bit behind too - hmmmm... hmm

deaconblue Mon 31-Aug-09 19:58:04

I've always assumed ds' hearing was fine because when I whisper he hears me perfectly and can whisper when he chooses. dunno

missingthemountains Mon 31-Aug-09 20:01:57

my ds suffers from recurrent glue ear - he has regular hearing tests and even though I know he may have hearing loss at a particular time I can never work out if he has - tried the whispering thing, tried everything - the only reliable method is the proper audiology tests. don't forget that your DC may be able to hear ok at some frequencies but not others (e.g. hearing whispers ok but not lower tone noises)

morocco Mon 31-Aug-09 20:05:18

agree - get a proper hearing test done - my ds2 is also like this and has recurrent glue ear - we had no clue, also did the whispering thing etc - but apparently it was fairly bad.

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