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DS 2yo will eat anything as long as its a......

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moocowme Sun 30-Aug-09 17:23:27

marmite sandwich. he will not eat any of his favourites like spag bol or pizza.

its marmite sandwiches only plus peas, brocolli, grapes apple and banana. i did persuade him to try some icecream the other night which he liked but only that one time.

its just a phase isnt it? i do offer other things but he will not eat them now.

only positive is that it does make meals very easy to prepare.

kidcreoleandthecoconuts Sun 30-Aug-09 17:32:18

I wouldn't worry. As long as you don't make a fuss about it and keep offering him different things he will grow out of it. My DS existed on bread products,marmite,soft cheese,bananas and weetabix for a couple of years. Then about a month or so ago he just started eating lots of different things. Basically everything we eat, meat, veg etc.
Your DS at least eats fruit and veg so I wouldn't worry.

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