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10 month old- hysterical when nappy changed, dressed- advice please!!

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rubyblueslippers Fri 28-Aug-09 13:54:24

My 10 month old has always hated being changed. He loathes being on his back, and this has got worse recently- he can be distracted by toys for a while, but then descends into hysterical crying, wriggling, crawling away etc. This means that changing his nappy, getting dressed, getting dried after the bath etc. are impossible and leave us both exhausted, distressed and tearful. I have just changed him and his wriggling has left poo everywhere- me, him, changing mat, his clothes, my clothes, towels, bathroom mat etc. and has meant dunking him in the bath at lunchtime.

He recovers v. well afterwards- smiley and happy, as if nothing happened.

I just don't know what to do- grit my teeth and get on with it? It doesn't seem to bother my partner who finds it quite funny (baby is not hurt in any way.) (I guess the solution would be to get my partner to do all the changes, dressing etc. but that doesn't seem fair somehow! grin)

Any advice please?

blinks Fri 28-Aug-09 14:02:39


tis pongy... distraction is usually the best approach- toys/songs/ooh look at that! etc etc

his behaviour is vvvvvvvv normal though and it is a transient thing.


notcitrus Fri 28-Aug-09 14:08:59

I dry A with him sitting on my lap (I take my top off first!), in his hooded towel. T-shirts can be put on a crawling baby and then there's a handle to hold while trousers are put on said crawler.

Nappies... I just do as fast as possible, getting all the new nappy and wipes next to the mat first, turn off hearing aids blush then pull trousers off bouncing him a bit, give him a two-handed toy, and then hold both feet in one hand cleaning with the other until I have a clean baby who can be left while I dispose of the nappy/poo/wipes. Then catch baby (again using the t-shirt to grab!) and get nappy on ASAP. I'm currently buying more one-piece nappies so that can be quicker.

Once he's in a nappy I let him crawl off and tend to only dress him before going out. Clothes that are a bit big go on more easily!
He's mostly not too bad now but sometimes there's an exhausting change - I think all you can do is do it as fast as you can.

rubyblueslippers Fri 28-Aug-09 14:10:13

Thanks, blinks.

You know what- a minute after I posted that, he crawled past me and I got a nasty whiff....he did another one! angry

One things that does work, bizarrely- The Archers theme (I had it on virtually every day when preggo and on mat leave. Sad.)

Thanks for the reassurance.

rubyblueslippers Fri 28-Aug-09 14:11:16

Thanks, notcitrus- have to dash out but will be back later to read your reply more carefully. Cheers.

Supercherry Fri 28-Aug-09 14:15:57

My DS was exactly the same, I used to sing songs, give him a toy, a piece of fruit, anything to distract. If he can stand at all could you try changing his nappy standing up or with pull ups?

With dressing, I put his top over his head and say 'Where's DS gone?' pull the top right over his head and say 'There he is!' or 'Peekaboo'. With getting dressed I have always talked him through every stage, 'Put you arm in here' 'Good boy!' 'Socks on!' in the most excited voice I can muster.

My DS has accepted his nappy change the last few mths without fuss, he's now 19mths but he has resorted to disliking getting dressed again.

It's all just phases at this age and distraction is the best until that particular phase has passed.

MamaChris Fri 28-Aug-09 15:22:39

It will pass! Things that helped me:

learning how to put a nappy on a standing ds (assuming he can stand holding on)

flashing bicycle light to hold when he needs to lie down to be wiped

peekaboo with t-shirts

asking ds to help find his sleeves (maybe a little after that)

getting dressed together "can you help Mama put her sock on? thank you! now can Mama help you put your sock on?"

getting ds and teddy dressed at the same time (maybe a little older, that one)

but I promise it will pass. ds now nearly 19mo has started saying "poooooooooo" when he does a poo, then taking my hand, leading me upstairs and lying down ready for the application of a clean nappy. (I guess this phase will pass too tho!)

rubyblueslippers Fri 28-Aug-09 19:51:10

yes, speed is of the essence. He's really big for his age and so he's in 12-18 month clothes which actually does help, you're right- his 6-12s were an absolute pain to get on.

supercherry- yes, I do try and do him standing up but he does tend to have quite splatty poohs which are quite difficult to deal with standing up (got smeared everywhere today.) I like the 'peekaboo' idea (he loves that game.) I'm glad it's just a phase!

MamaChris- I'm very glad it will pass. I thought it would go on forever!! Sound slike you've cracked it! The only thing that's working for me at the moment is The Archers theme (either live or hummed by me.) Tum-te-tum-te-tum-te-tum, tum-te-tum-te-tuuuum-tum...

Thanks everyone. grin

Purplepanettone Fri 28-Aug-09 20:02:00

All my three went through this stage and it was just a stage that they seem to go through at that age! Try and keep calm. Put lots of newspaper or towels down if you think he is going to make a mess, and try and ignore him.

soupmaker Fri 28-Aug-09 20:19:29

Oh, I so know how you feel. My DD has been a nightmare at nappy changes ever since she turned 1 - now 18mo! The standing up change for wee only nappies works - although we've had a lot of sitting down just after bum cream applied moments. Distractions of all sorts have been tried, but to no avail. She is a dream to change at her nursery, so I am told envy. Much screaming and bawling ensures when dressing, undressing, drying after bath. I find best way is to make it as fun as possible, lassoing with t-shirts, getting DD to put a wee hand into sleeves, letting her run about naked after baths until as good as dry! I know it will pass - one day! Ironically she has now started trying on my shoes, and attempting to dress herself - hilarious.

rubyblueslippers Sat 29-Aug-09 11:19:31

Thanks, purplepanettone. I really try to ignore him but it is so hard! He is so loud!

soupmaker, you have my sympathies. Nursery also tells me that he is a dream to change! envy

We've had two loud bawling sessions already today. shock Oh well, it will pass.

Mamulik Sat 29-Aug-09 11:25:23

yes, my DD2 is the same, so I started changing her nappy when she stands up, so she is happy and I am happy.

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