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How often does your nearly 4 year old still wet themselves?

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allaboutme Thu 27-Aug-09 21:13:41

DS is 3.11 yrs
He has been potty trained for over a year now.
He wets himself at least twice a week I'd say, sometimes a fair bit more.
He occasionally poos himself too.

Is this usual?

nancy75 Thu 27-Aug-09 21:15:20

dd never does during the day, but still has the odd nightime accident. not sure if girls find it easier?

feedthegoat Thu 27-Aug-09 21:18:16

My ds is a month younger than yours and has been potty trained for nearly a year.

He doesn't do full on wetting himself accidents but probably have to change his pants 2 or 3 times a week because he's dribbled abit due to leaving it to the last possible minute.

I don't think it is that unusual based on my friends dc.

cheesesarnie Thu 27-Aug-09 21:21:40

ds2 is 4 in december and wets himself atleast 2 times a can be every wee he does in pants thoughsad.he wears nappies at night.
he never has a poo accident though.

it really gets to mesadim constantly scrubbing the settee and cushions.

LightningBolt Thu 27-Aug-09 21:22:11

Mine is still doubly incontinent

She has sn and am getting nowhere with potty training

PigeonPie Thu 27-Aug-09 21:24:20

My DS1 is 3.9 and we're still having accidents. It happens particularly when he's playing and forgets and sometimes when he's frightened or hurt himself.

Thankfully haven't had a poo accident in a long time.

It's frustrating isn't it? DS1 often just doesn't seem to care [grrr]

nancy - nighttime - I laugh! We're not even remotely thinking about nappy off at night, it's normally so wet I could ring it out in the morning!

MissisBoot Thu 27-Aug-09 21:24:25

dd rarely has an accident - maybe once every six months or so.

MmeLindt Thu 27-Aug-09 21:33:12

At that age both dd and ds were still having accidents around once to twice a week, sometimes more often.

They are now 7 yo (dd) and 5yo (ds) and still ds has the odd accident if he is too immersed in a game.

It is not unusual at that age.

cheesesarnie Thu 27-Aug-09 21:39:03

pigeonpie-ds doesn't care either.people have said to leave him in wet pants for a bit,but he would happily play all day in wet pants.he tends to be naked at home because then he goes potty/toilet more grin.

PigeonPie Thu 27-Aug-09 22:05:13

and what worries me is that he gets sore and I think it's exacerbated by having wet pants and trousers, but he just won't listen! Hey ho

cheesesarnie Thu 27-Aug-09 22:09:54

just glad ds isnt the only one!hes mostly fine at cm's and nursery.its mesad

FabBakerGirlIsBack Thu 27-Aug-09 22:16:14

I can't remember the last time he wet his pants but he is still in nappies at night. He is 4.2

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