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13 month old, screaming, screaming and screaming

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beonit Thu 27-Aug-09 13:19:29

DD did this a lot when she was very small, but since about 4 months has basically been a very happy baby. However, over the last couple of days she has had three major screaming fits - the last one went on for an hour and I ended up putting her in her cot because I couldn't hold her - she was throwing herself about so much and trying to bite me. Then I got her to take a bottle of milk and thankfully she has now fallen asleep.

I'm assuming it's teeth, though Calpol and teething powder don't seem to make much difference. However, a small part of me is worried it is something more serious, but I guess that's probably just the paranoid first-timer in me.

The other thing is that this time it seemed to be triggered by frustration - she was playing with some keys and they wouldn't do what she wanted. Surely this isn't a toddler tantrum?

Any advice would be massively appreciated - I am feeling wholly inadequate.

giantkatestacks Thu 27-Aug-09 13:23:17

My dd started having tantrums at around that age.

I only recognised them because I remember thinking my ds was ill when he started until the light dawned.

beonit Thu 27-Aug-09 21:59:12

Anyone else have any thoughts?

I did definitely find a new tooth today, but what gets me is that what seems to set her off is not apparently the teeth but having her will thwarted.

Oh God, please don't tell me I have a freakily stroppy one-year-old on my hands.

cloudedyellow Fri 28-Aug-09 18:54:45

I guess the teeth coming through are very painful and make her less able to tolerate any frustration.
As I see it,it's not so much her will being thwarted, as the unbearable feeling of not being coordinated enough yet to manipulate the keys or whatever.

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