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stubborn DS refuses cup/beaker. Tips?

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Pebs Mon 30-May-05 20:00:18

Our 11mth old DS has only just started to drink his water from a beaker with a top with a hole for a straw. He refuses to take any milk from a beaker at all. I've spent a fortune on different cups but he won't have any. I've tried to make it fun, to leave it for a while and try again and to leave a gap of time before he actually gets the milk in a bottle in the hopes that he is so hungry that he'll drink it. Nothing works. I'm aware that the bigger fuss I make the more he will think that it's a game or an issue but he obviously does need to drink his daily intake of milk, so I feel as if I'm giving in. Does anyone have any tips pleeeease. At this rate he'll be drinking a celebratary bottle of milk on his 18th birthday!

jessicasmummy Mon 30-May-05 20:04:51

im the same.... dd is 10 months and refuses any cup i buy... bottles here still!!! (even juice!)

marne Mon 30-May-05 20:05:57

Had this trouble with dd, theres only one cup she will drink out of, after spending loads of money on various cups she decided she liked the cheapest one, 97p from tescos. She still has milk in her bottle before bed but drinks from the cup in the day. Im sure he will give in soon.

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