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Very clingy 10 month old.

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LolaBella Wed 26-Aug-09 20:42:58

Hi, just wondering if people can tell me about their 10 month olds as at the moment my little boy is a nightmare. He has suddendly (last two weeks) become very clingy to me. He can crawl and cruise and will not leave me alone. I cannot get anything done in the day until he has a sleep as he needs constant attention i.e. letting him use me as a climbing frame, playing with him, picking him up. If i try and ignore him for a few mins and leave him with his toys he whinges and eventually cries until i pick him up at which point he seems extremely happy with himself. Is this a normal stage?

Also, only thing i can think that may have caused it is the fact that we have recently been away on holday for two weeks where my little man had constant attention of both my dh and myself. I am thinking that he is just playing up a little because of this but am really posting as am simply wondering what other peoples 10 month olds were like?


girlsyearapart Wed 26-Aug-09 20:57:12

Yes my 11mo can be clingy but I have tried to teach her to get on with it a bit. She would love to be picked up all day long but it's just not practical and I don't have the energy!
I have a basket of her toys which I put on the floor and then go into the kitchen/loo whatever. Did it for a minute then built it up and now she seems much happier.,
Although now she can crawl she comes to find me and sits on my foot while I wash up!

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