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How long to get used to the bedtime routine?

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Skillbo Wed 26-Aug-09 19:09:17

Our little DD is 10 weeks old and for the last couple of weeks, we have been popping her down between 7 - 730 for bed. She cries for about 5 minutes and then is out for the count right through to some point early in the morning when she wakes for some food and then sleeps through to about 730am - which is fabulous.

My question is that even though she goes to sleep really quickly so is obviously ready for bed when we put her down, she starts to cry as soon as she finishes feeding so me and my DP are unable to spend 5-10 minutes of quiet time with her, reading a story or just chatting quietly with her before putting her down.

The routine goes bath, feed then quiet time and we were wondering whether there will be a time when she accepts that she will be going to bed after this last feed (we dim the lights etc so she knows this is bedtime?) or whether we should restructure the routine so we can spend a little time with her so potentially, bath then quiet time then feed?

Everything I read seems to say that you will put her down when she is drowsy but not asleep but we seem to only be able to put her down when she is crying! It's a little upsetting but we are happy to continue if she will eventually settle. As mentioned, she is definitely ready for bed as she's rarely awake for she maybe overtired...

Any advice would be most welcome!!


deaconblue Wed 26-Aug-09 20:00:49

have you tried doing her bath earlier? tbh it sounds to me like you are doing really really well. Ds and dd were nearly 4 months before we were able to establish an evening bedtime. Both wailed like banshees from 7-9 then fell asleep for the "night" at 9.30ish. I think the story time will develop gradually as she gets older.

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